Technology to Business Hub

About the Tech hub

About the Tech hub 

This Hub is part of the core Technology Hubs under the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. It focuses on developing staff and students’ capabilities in technology entrepreneurship by introducing them to the entrepreneurial process of discovering, evaluating, and exploiting the opportunities with existing and/or emerging technologies into potentially viable businesses.

The hub provides a practical platform to translate technology-based ideas into business. For students, they can apply the CDIO framework and Design Thinking methodology as innovation tools to conceive and design potential products/services. In the course, students are introduced to basic business functional skills such as business developing strategy, market validation, founding team, human capital, company administration, financial management and etc, and to exploiting the projects/services into possible viable businesses. With the hub, students can continue to work on fund raising techniques to seek potential investors for their products/services and learn about how to pitch their businesses to potential investors.

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The Hub is located at Block T14, Lab T1435.

Capabilities and Technical Services

The Technology to Business (T2B) Hub serves as a centre to link up anyone with ideas, test out their ideas, and commercialise the ideas. The hub welcomes industrial collaborations and can provide technical consultations, trainings, project development and prototyping services to them.

For engineering support, the hub works together with seven other technology hubs from the School of EEE specialising in different technologies:

  • Aerospace Engineering Hub
  • AIoT Technology Hub
  • Robotics, Automation and Control Hub
  • Power and Sustainable Energy Hubc
  • Semicon and Electronics Hub
  • Biomedical Engineering Hub
  • Autonomous and Transportation Systems Hub

T2B also has the support of alumni and industry technopreneurs. They serve as students’ coaches/mentors, to provide the necessary advice and support to help them address technical and business challenges related to the projects. Students will also have the opportunities to work with them on projects that can be commercialized.

Project Showcase

Some projects to translate technology-based ideas to commercial viability proofing are listed below:

A-plug and adaptor

To design and prototype a smaller footprint power plug and power adaptor for existing three-pin power socket

Study of the charging characteristics and efficiencies of EV batteries

To analyse the charging characteristics of the DC and AC chargers. Study how the frequency of charging and charging patterns (e.g. full charge or half charge) affects the lifetime of the battery. This will facilitate the end-of-life management of EV batteries and allow a better and value-added user experience for the drivers with available data.

Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) Portal 1.0

To connect ASEAN as a region and increase collaboration among each countries. This portal will increase the connectivity and efficiency of NPOs in South-east Asia.

Education Robotics

This project aims to expose youths in ASEAN to the world of robotics, automation, and engineering through training and workshops to provide them with a better understanding of industry 4.0 and the changes it brings

Creative Workforce

Create a platform aims to match avid learners to relevant industry experts with options like “Do to Learn” and “Pay to Learn”.


The hub works with the following partners:

Tech hub partners

Tech hub graduates

Courses and seminars

The hub can conduct tailor-made courses and continuing education training (CET) courses or seminars on topics such as:

  • Technology to Business
  • Digital Solutioning Skills
  • Engineering Realization
  • Design Thinking for Entrepreneurs
  • Memory Techniques for Entrepreneurs
  • Technopreneurship

Contact Information

Chua KayChiang

Chua Kay Chiang
Manager, Technology Development
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Phone: 6772 1442
Fax: 6772 1974

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