MINDS-Faber TDC (FTDC) started operations on 1st November 2017 to serve clients with intellectual disability in the western part of Singapore.

The FTDC offers services for adults with intellectual disability who require greater specialised intervention and a higher level of support. For these adults aged 18 years and above, the centre has programmes that focus on promoting their social integration into gainful mainstream activities so as to enable them to lead a meaningful life. The Centre’s programmes are supported by Training Officers and Allied Health Professionals like social workers, psychologists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists. The Centre places great emphasis on family involvement and community partnerships

At the FTDC, EEE students spend time with the clients and interact with them in activities such as sports, singalong, team-bonding games and life skill activities. Our students also engage them in other activities that they had carefully planned, to ensure these activities are suitable for them, such as art and craft, colorings, table top activities such as matching, puzzles, tracing etc. 

Class of DEEE/FT/2A/01 with Personal Tutor, Ms Yang Liping (standing, extreme right).


EEE students at MINDS Training & Development Centre with Personal Tutor, Ms Soo Bee Hong (standing, extreme left).

Class of DEEE/FT/2A/13 posing for a group picture during their Community service trip to MINDS.

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