A blast for EEE freshmen at Freshmen Orientation Camp (FOC) 2017.

66 freshmen from the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE) began their journey in SP not at the lecture theatres, workshops or labs but at Freshman Orientation Camp (FOP) away from campus.  Held this year at the Boys’ Brigade/Girls Brigade (BBGB) Campsite at Sembawang from 5 – 8 April 2017, the 4-day camp gave them ample opportunities to engage in the lighter aspects of student learning - getting to know their fellow peers, learning teamwork and team spirit - through fun and games organised by the EEE club comprising of 10 member committees and 37 student helpers.

Day 1 of the camp saw the campers interacting through ice-breaking games after registration time at SP.  They then headed down to the campsite where they had much fun playing beach games.   Their night was spent haunting each other in a “Night Quest” game.  On Day 2, the campers played “water bombs war games” where they had to muster much team work and team spirit. Day 3 of the camp witnessed them engaging in much action in the “Operation Based on Agility and Speed” (OBAS) activity and a dress-up challenge. As it was the campers’ final night, they had a heartfelt buffet dinner before ending their time with a merry singing session in the park.  It was home sweet home back to SP on Day 4 but, of course, not before they finished cleaning up the campsite.  No doubt, the campers had had a blast and shared wonderful memories of their time together – a wonderful prelude to the journey of discovery, learning, growth and development on which they will embark for the next 3 years in SP.

Here are some of the photos showing EEE freshmen having their fun time @ the FOC.

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