The Pertapis Children’s Home (PCH) is a gazetted Place of Safety for children in crisis who require immediate need of care, guidance, protection and shelter.
Since 2015, the School of EEE has collaborated with the Pertapis Children’s Home (PCH), and our students interact and have fun with the children via Outdoor Activities e.g. Games/Sports and Indoor Activities e.g. Enrichment & Creativity-based activities. Our students also volunteer to participate at Pertapis Flag Days to raise funds for the Home.

Photos of our EE students reaching out to the PCH’s children:

PCH’s children having a sing-along session.

Children from PCH having an outdoor activity organised by EEE tutees.

PCH children are paired up with EEE tutees for a mini quiz.


Children from PCH having outdoor games organized by EEE students


PCH’s children visiting AeroHub Flight Simulator in SP School of EEE

PCH children having their Copter’s experience at SP AeroHub

PCH children visiting the Fighter plane at SP AeroHub EEE Student Volunteers supporting the Pertapis Flag Day


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