DCPE and DEEE Students Awarded DSO Diploma Scholarship

26 Oct 2016

Congratulations to the following SEEE students on their being awarded the DSO Diploma Scholarship for the Academic Year 2016/2017 on 7 Oct 2016.

The DSO Diploma Scholarship aims to identify talents at Diploma level, and to encourage them to consider a career in defence technology. As part of the Diploma Scholarship, the student is required to serve an internship with DSO so that he or she can understand the work involved in defence R&D.

Kang Boon Kiat Julian (Year 1, Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Julian Kang has been intrigued by science since young. His curiosity and interest in the subject so motivated him that he read widely and found his passion in nuclear physics. His first foray into the subject was when he attempted to build his own demonstration Farnsworth-Hirsch-Meeks nuclear fusion reactor.

At the DSO’s Threat Analysis Programme Lab at Defence Medical & Environmental Research Institute (DMERI) where he undertook his internship, he was able to delve deeper and wider into nuclear physics. The time spent at DSO was, to him, highly enriching with never a dull day. Among other things, he was involved in evaluating a PhD thesis dissertation and even did shielding and dose rate calculations for a nuclear reactor.

Julian intends to return to DSO next year for yet another internship during which he would complete his final year Multi-Disciplinary Project (MDP) with DSO under the Engineering Academy Programme.

Lee Wei Zheng Benedict (Year 3, Diploma in Computer Engineering)

Benedict’s passion for electronics and technology began since his kindergarten days. Fascinated by how electronic devices and computers worked, he would build many projects, try numerous experiments when young. It led him to pursue the diploma in computer engineering course at SP.

At DSO, he was tasked with carrying out research in machine learning and data mining. Though he had little knowledge of these areas, he was more than willing, under the generous guidance of his supervisors, to delve into them as he saw that it would be extremely benefical to society. The internship was an eye opening experience as it gave him greater insight into what he could expect, and how he could contribute to society in that field. It also helped him to better prepare for work life if pursuing such a career.

Benedict is thankful for the award of the DSO scholarship as it has opened up many doors for him. After graduating from SP, he intends to return to DSO to work to continue the great learning experience and to be of service to others.


Ng Shen Le Aryl (Year 3, Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Aryl Ng is a two time recipient of the DSO Diploma Scholarship, having received his first in the previous academic year.
When young, Aryl used to conduct chemistry experiments using kits purchased or chemicals he derived himself. His interest has since progressed beyond chemistry to other fields.

During his internship at Science Park last year, he was tasked with creating a communication line between 2 software defined radios and transferring files between two laptops using those radios. The internship allowed him to expand his knowledge in the field of radios, and taught him to be independent and completely self-directed in his learning. He was also able to experience what it was like to work in the research industry, in particular, DSO.

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