EEE student won Ist Prize at MagnetiSiM2023: Make Sense of Your Sensors

17 Nov 2023

EEE DEB Year 1 student, Tan Li Fang Brittany Wenda, won Ist Prize in “MagnetiSiM2023: Make Sense of Your Sensors” on 11 Nov 2023, under the Undergraduate Students category, where students exercised their creativity by designing innovative projects utilising Hall Sensors.

Li Fang designed a security device equipped with a dedicated platform for safekeeping valuables. Engineered with a focus on security, the device platform utilised a system of springs and weight of the items to establish a variable gap between an Analog Hall Effect sensor and magnet. A smart Arduino program will intelligently detect changes in the gap distance, triggering a dual alert system (an audible alarm and phone notification).

She was guided by Lee Shaw Ping and Wong Kwee Yin.

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