EEE team 1st Place at NTU Deep Learning Week 2024 Hackathon

08 Mar 2024

EEE team, Kopi O Kosong, clinched First Place at NTU Deep Learning Week 2024 Hackathon, from 4 to 8 Mar 2024, securing a $5,000 cash prize. The hackathon was organised by NTU MLDA (Machine Learning and Data Analysis) @EEE Club. Spanning four intense days, it welcomed students from universities and polytechnics across Singapore.

Team Kopi O Kosong’s winning entry was “PitchMe”, an innovative platform harnessing advanced AI technologies to enhance students’ presentation abilities. Using AI computer vision, it can detect and rectify improper body postures during presentations. It used Real-Time Audio Speech-to-Text functionality that transcribes spoken words into text and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to enhance content clarity through rephrasing. Additionally, “PitchMe” incorporated a Machine Learning AI model to assess the presenter’s tone, offering feedback on the emotional and persuasive aspects of the presentation.

Details of the students are as follows:

Name of student
Admission numberDiploma/Year 
Chia Zhi Feng
Rachel Tan2121080DEEE/Y3
Mahesh S Kunalan2100100DEEE/Y3
Abirami Baskaran2241801DCPE/Y3
 Asha Mathyalakan2120498DCPE/Y3


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