Get a Head Start in University Life while Studying for an EEE Diploma in SP – Join the SP-NUS Collaboration and SP-SUTD Pathway Programmes

09 Feb 2021

Under these partnerships with NUS and SUTD, JAE students from cohort 2020 onwards, who enrol in courses offered by the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE), will take up modules taught by the universities while they are studying in SP.  These university-level modules will count towards students’ graduation requirements in SP and be offered in lieu of the electives offered by SP.  The credits may also be recognised by the relevant university when they choose to pursue a degree with them.

In addition, SP and SUTD have introduced the SP-SUTD Pathway Programme (PP) that will allow EEE students to complete the regular SP curriculum in about 5 semesters, compared to the usual 6 semesters. EEE students on the PP will have the opportunity to offer SUTD modules in their final semester at SP, alongside SUTD students in their Freshmore year.  This will allow PP students who choose to progress to SUTD after graduation, to complete their SUTD degree in a shorter period of time.

For students who eventually choose to further their studies in NUS, they may also receive credit exemptions, depending on their performance in these modules, and the degree course they have chosen.

Selected based on their academic merits, up to 40 current first year students will take up either of the programmes at no extra cost.

Other benefits offered by SP’s collaboration with the two universities are as follows:

  • Students will be provided with multiple pathways as part of ability-driven education.
  • SP students will have a chance to upskill their knowledge as they will be reading modules beyond polytechnic level at the two partner universities while doing their SP diploma.
  • SP students will experience first-hand university culture and environment during their study in SP.
  • SP Students may have a chance to be offered internship opportunities with the same company during their time in poly and university. This arrangement could potentially lead to employment opportunities with the company.
  • The time from diploma to degree to work will be shortened.
  • Part of SP’s Talent Development Programme where engineering students are nurtured and developed through various platforms e.g scholarship, competitions, mentorship, Engineering Academy.

The above applies to any one of the following diploma courses offered by EEE:

  • Diploma in Aerospace Electronics (DASE) – S90
  • Diploma in Computer Engineering (DCPE) – S53
  • Diploma in Engineering with Business (DEB) – S42
  • Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (DEEE) – S99
  • Common Engineering Programme (DCEP) S40

   If you choose any one of the above 4 EEE courses in Sem2 of Year1.

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