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Charge EV Smarter with Solar Microgrids

Enter the world of solar microgrids—a game-changer for the eco-conscious and tech enthusiasts! Imagine an EV charging system powered by the sun, designed to charge a ride at a solar carpark.

This project boasts high efficiency solar PV panels, advanced lithium-ion batteries with BMS energy storage system, and fancy stuff like Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) controllers. Plus, every watt is monitored in real time with an energy flow data monitoring and display system.

Digital twins with computer modelling and simulation of various subsystems for system design performance verification and optimisation, as well as bifacial solar PV panels, will also be showcased!


Jiang Hao | Cai Zhi Qiang | Fred Wei | Jiang Fan | Than Keng Hwa


Abirami Baskaran | Cao Vinh Khoa | Deng Sansheng | Gu Jiafei | Kaffi Fathir Radity | Lau Jun Zhe | Lim Yuan He | Liu Dong| Quek Zi Tao | Ryan Sng Zhong Jun


Diploma in Computer Engineering
Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering


Applied Scientific Technology Pte Ltd
Alpha Automation Pte Ltd
PV Foundry Pte Ltd
mVizn Pte Ltd

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