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Revolutionizing Recovery : The Digital Rehabilitation Experience

Three innovations, One Vision:

VR Rehabilitation Carnival:
Step into a world of immersive VR where carnival-themed exercises enhance user’s upper limb mobility and cognitive ability. Leap Motion controllers let the user control the VR world with his hands.

Virtual Assessment with Leap Motion:
Leap Motion controllers in VR-based box-and-block assessments allow users to manipulate blocks with their hands instead of a handheld sensor, offering precise control and feedback as their performance parameters and physiological parameters are automatically recorded for physiotherapist evaluation - all from the comfort of their own homes.

Gesture-Based Communication Platform:
This platform revolutionizes communication for the hearing-impaired and underwater professionals, such as divers.


Arun Kumar | Jaichandar K S | M Fikret Ercan | Wang Wei


Antony Joseph Abigail Shreya | Brian Lee Ying Hao | Eileen Teoh Yan Zhen | Javier Lee | Lim Kai Wen Cavan | Looi Zhi Qing | Muthurathinam Ganapathirajan | Ramasamy Venkidupathi Santhosh |Yak Ren Xiang | Zhang Zihan


Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Diploma in Engineering with Business

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