Green technology

Solar Drones for Warehouse Inventory Management and Aircraft Inspection

Explore the tech wonders behind these solar-powered drones, transforming inventory management and aircraft inspection.

Smart UAV Warehouse Inventory Management
Inventory checks are carried out by autonomous drones using QR codes, RFID, and AI to streamline the process. They autonomously scan goods and update inventory databases, reducing manual labour.

Sustainable Powering for UA
Regulatory requirements for aircraft inspection within airport perimeters are met with the use of solar-powered drones. Tethered with solar battery systems, they enable quick visual inspections without heavy equipment.


Tan Hwee Siang | Goh Wee Chuan | Shanker Maniam | Soh Kee Teck | Tan Tiong Kwee


Chien Jia Ying | Lim Boon Leng | Matthew Joshua Ou Yong | Pamela Tan Sze Yuan | Sun Lifu | Wint Hmone Oo | Zen Pei Jung Annie


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