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Sustainable Smart Cities: 5G, AIoT, V2X in Action

This project involves engineering a V2X platform at SP Smart Campus using DSRC and Cellular-V2X tech to redefine sustainable, smart mobility. The focus spans V2X wireless connectivity, 5G, AI, data analytics, IoT, and intelligent Electric Vehicle (EV) charging (V2G and V2H).

In line with Smart Mobility 2030, the aim was to implement 5G-AIoT prototypes and smart EV charging solutions using V2X technologies.

Safety gets a tech boost too, as V2V communication expands drivers' visibility range, enhancing road safety and response times. Plus, the LoRaWAN-enabled sensors guide EV owners to available charging lots with pinpoint precision.

It's a transformative project for smarter, safer, and more sustainable transport.


Phyoe Kyaw Kyaw | Ang Teck Sing | Boey Kai Ming | David Hee | Goh Say Seng | Phang Piao Chun | Tee Taoyi | Low Yu Shun


Choi Song Yang Daniel | Daniel Ang Xin Ern | Hamzah Bin Zareen | Hu Yuchen | Kee Wei Feng | Keanne Nistelroy Almonte Imatong | Owen Lim | Pranav Gopalakrishnan Kumaresan | Roy Tan Chun Hong | Wilfred Lan Han Wei | Yin Ruilong


Diploma in Aerospace Electronics
Diploma in Computer Engineering
Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Diploma in Engineering with Business


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