Action research is research based on teachers’ first-hand experiences, contextualized by local settings, supported by school-generated data, and answering specific educational needs of well-defined stakeholders” – Wong, 2004


Our staff regularly conduct action research to tackle learning issues they face in the classroom. Examples of action research conducted and conference submissions are

International Symposium on Advances in Technology Education (ISATE)

  • ISATE 2022, Li Cheong Chin, Tien Chern Chia, Ruyi Foong, Karen Wong, Using EduTech Tools to Support Home-Based Learning through Replication of Physical Classroom Activities.
  • ISATE 2021, Lai Say Beng, Adopting LearningANTS and EdTech Tools to Support Home-Based Learning during Covid-19. (Click here to access his video recording of the session.)

Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference (RPIC)

  • RPIC 2022, Andreas Dewanto, Tan Teow Chye and Babulakshmanan Ramachandran, Inclucating Scientific Literacy among the Non-Science-and-Technology Polytechnic Foundation Programmes Students
  • RPIC 2022, Lim Pei Chin, Developing self-directed learning skills in a Mathematics module
  • RPIC 2021, Andreas Dewanto and Tan Teow Chye, Technology-facilitated Learning Journey to Science Centre Singapore for Non-science and Technology Polytechnic Foundational Programme Students
  • RPIC 2021, Lim Pei Chin, Lau Yan Moh and Yaw-Chee Ping Yuen, Using Connect Math and Khan Academy for blended learning


Within Singapore Polytechnic, MS staff regularly submit papers for Journal of Teaching Practice and ICT-enabled Learning Award at our in-house Excellence in Education & Training Convention (EETC). Our 2022 award winners are:


EETC 2022

Journal of Teaching Practice (ICT-EL category)

  • Engaging Teachers to be Digital-to-the-core Using the AiE-PFP Learning Analytics Solutions by Lee Hwee Theng, Patrick Phang, Chia Tien Chern


EETC 2021

ICT-Enabled Learning Award (ICTLA)

  • Evaluating The Effectiveness Of Using Peerwise To Learn Combinatorics And Probability by Lucas Giam, Yanto Jakop
  • Home-Based Experiments Using Arduino Science Journal App by Andreas Dewanto, Tan Teow Chye
  • Using Edutech Tools To Replicate The Physical Classroom Activities Contributed To The  Success Of HBL by Chin Li Cheong, Chia Tien Chern, Foong Ruyi, Karen Wong


Journal of Teaching Practice (JTP)

  • Incorporating Singapore Polytechnic's Self-Directed Learning Model In The Polytechnic Foundation Programme by Lim Pei Chin, Patrick Phang, Dr Melvin Lim
  • Self-Directed Learning In A Physics Module by Dr Babulakshmanan Ramachandran, Tan Teow Chye
  • Some Insights From Blackboard Item Analysis And Other Assessment Data In A Statistics Module by Chiang Teik Weng, Kok-Mak Chew Pheng



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