The Statistical Literacy Project (SLP) is an initiative by the School of Mathematics and Science (MS) to support Singapore Polytechnic (SP) institution-wide goal of producing life-, work- and world-ready diploma graduates. The SLP is aimed at training SP students to have the know-how in using data effectively to make informed decisions in their lives, thrive in data-rich workplaces and engage with data to meet the demands of global challenges.

Under the SLP, the engineering and business statistics curricular materials are designed to adopt the recommendations in the Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education (GAISE) framework, such as 
(1) placing more emphasis on data interpretation, 
(2) using software for data analysis, and 
(3) reducing the focus on tedious manual mathematical computations. 

Specifically, students are trained to apply the statistical problem-solving process of 

to answer statistical-based questions using real-data, and present their findings in the form of e-posters. 

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