School of Mathematics and Science (MS) started experimenting with the Flipped Classroom way of conducting its math lessons in 2014. Since then, most of its modules, in areas of Mathematics, Statistics and IT applications, have adopted the Flipped Classroom pedagogy. 

In the MS Flipped Classroom model, students are expected to carry out pre-class learning activities such as watching lesson videos and doing pre-class quizzes prior to attending face-to-face tutorial sessions. When they attend tutorial sessions, they will seek clarification with lecturers and peers and solve problems with the knowledge gained. The role of the lecturers becomes one of guiding and facilitating instead of mainly direct instructing.

A recent evaluation exercise conducted indicated that students generally responded well to this new way of teaching and learning as it enables them to learn at their own pace and ability.

A typical lesson video as seen by students. Quizzes are embedded to test students' understanding.


When back in class, students have to work in groups to problem solve.


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