LearningANTS in Mathematics & Physics


Do you know how competent you are in a Mathematics or Physics topic? With LearningANTS, our students are able to do just that.

LearningANTS, or Learning Analytics Networked Tutoring System, is an online platform where students can progress through competency levels of a topic, from Beginner to Expert, at their own pace.  Hints and solutions are available in LearningANTS, providing extra guidance with every attempt made by the students.  Learning gaps can also be diagnosed, then additional questions to strengthen foundation will be automatically recommended by LearningANTS.  Via dashboards, students are able to view a summary of their learning progress, allowing for self-regulated learning.  

Also via dashboards, lecturers are able to monitor the progress of their students with real-time analytics to identify students’ strengths, weaknesses and misconceptions.  With this information, lecturers are able to adjust their instructional strategies to engage students better during class.

SP students from Polytechnic Foundation Programme have used LearningANTS for Physics topics (e.g. Kinematics), whereas SP students from various diploma courses have used LearningANTS for engineering mathematics topics (e.g. Differentiation).  Surveys and evaluations conducted with these students indicated that they generally had a good experience and benefited from LearningANTS.



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