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Diploma in Applied Science (Industrial Chemistry and Life Sciences)

Topic:Applied & Health Sciences, Others

Course Type:Part-Time Diploma and Post-Diploma Courses

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  • Course Date:

    19 Oct 2015 to 30 Sep 2018
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    08:00 AM to 08:00 AM
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Please note that once the maximum class size is reached, the online registration will be closed. You may register your interest and be notified when there is a new run.

Class schedule:
3-4 evenings per week, 6:30 - 9:30 pm

855 hours (2.5 years)

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Please refer to Academic Calendar.

Singapore is one of the world’s leading energy and chemical hubs which has an extensive chemicals value chain spanning from manufacturing to innovation and research. Singapore is well positioned as a global energy and chemicals hub whereby extensive development of Jurong Island has attracted investments in excess of SGD$50 billion and now houses many of the world’s leading energy and chemical companies.

Due to the strong presence of energy and chemical companies in Singapore, the demand for laboratory and process technicians remain high. To better support the demand of laboratory and process technicians, this Part-time Diploma in Applied Science (Industrial Chemistry and Life Sciences) (DACS) enables the increase of pool of trained talents in this industry by equipping them with the required skillsets.

DACS graduates may also be awarded two joint certifications to recognise trainings in Good Laboratory Practices and Management (Singapore Accreditation Council – Enterprise Singapore) and technical competencies in Lab Management, Chemistry and Instrumental Analysis (Royal Society of Chemistry, UK).

Course Objective

The Part-time Diploma in Applied Science (Industrial Chemistry and Life Sciences) (DACS) aims to prepare working adults with the necessary knowledge and skills for future career advancement and to meet the future demands for technicians in the Energy and Chemicals Sector. It is a broad-based applied science education with emphasis on chemistry, chemical processes, life science modules and laboratory skills. 

This course provides training to work as a competent laboratory analyst and essential skills to execute tasks related to process technicians.

Course Outline

The course is a 2.5 years part-time programme. It consists of 5 Modular Certificates (MC) conducted over 5 semesters, 1 MC per semester. The first MC to start with is MC1. The classes are conducted in the evening. Each MC comprises of a few modules and the details are as follows:

MC 1 - Certificate in Core Chemistry I, Chemical Processes & Safety

Module 1 - Chemistry I
Module 2 - Introduction to Chemical Processes
Module 3 - Chemical Safety and Biosafety

MC 2 - Certificate in Core Chemistry II, Instrumentation & Microbiology

Module 1 - Chemistry II
Module 2 - Instrumental Analysis
Module 3 - Microbiology

MC 3 - Certificate in Laboratory Management, Environment & Statistics

Module 1 - Environmental Sustainability
Module 2 - Good Laboratory Practice and Management
Module 3 - Applied Statistics and Quality Assurance

MC 4 - Certificate in Applied Chemistry & Data Analytics

Module 1 - Chemistry III
Module 2 - Data Analytics & Visualisation
Module 3 - Biochemistry

MC 5 -  Certificate in Life Science*

Module 1 – Molecular Genetics
Module 2 - General Anatomy & Physiology
Module 3 - Forensic Science

MC 6 - Certificate in Industry Chemistry*

Module 1 - Chemical Process Plant Equipment
Module 2 - Petrochemicals and its Applications
Module 3 - Chemical Process Automation and Robotics

*SP reserves the right to enrol students to MC 5 or MC 6. Students will be informed upon registration and confirmation of programme. 

The synopsis of the modules can be found here.

Minimum Requirements

Applicants with any of the following qualifications are invited to apply for the Part-Time diploma:

a) The following GCE 'O' Level grades and with at least 1 year of relevant working experience:

  • English Language Grade 1 – 7
  • Mathematics (Elementary or Additional) Grade 1 – 6
  • Science (Pure or Combined) Grade 1 – 6


b) Nitec in Chemical Process Technology, Life Sciences or related science or technology discipline with GPA >= 3.5.


c) Nitec in Chemical Process Technology, Life Sciences or related science or technology discipline with GPA >= 3.0 and at least 1 year of relevant working experience.


d) Nitec in Technology in Chemical Process Technology, Life Sciences or related science or technology discipline with GPA >= 3.5 and at least 1 year of relevant working experience.


e) Higher Nitec in Chemical Technology, Biotechnology or related science or technology discipline with GPA >= 2.0.


f) Higher Nitec in Chemical Technology, Biotechnology or related science or technology discipline with GPA >= 1.5 and at least 1 year of relevant working experience.


g) Higher Nitec in Technology in Chemical Technology, Biotechnology or related science or technology discipline with GPA >= 2.0 and at least 1 year of relevant working experience.


h) Relevant WSQ Advanced Certificate (or higher) with at at least 1 year of relevant working experience and Level 6 for both WSQ Workplace Literacy SOA & Workplace Numeracy SOA


i) Applicant with none of the qualifications listed above but at least 2 years of relevant working experience.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Applicants who do not meet the entry  requirements may be considered for admission to the course based on supporting  evidence of competency readiness. Suitable applicants who are shortlisted may have to go through an interview and/or entrance test. The Polytechnic reserves  the right to shortlist and admit applicants.

Certification / Accreditation

Upon completion of five Certificates within a five-year validity period, the participant will be conferred a Diploma qualification from Singapore Polytechnic. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which universities can I apply to after I complete my CET Diploma?

You can apply to part-time undergraduate programmes which are relevant to your diploma course at NUS and UniSIM.

2. Will I need to take any bridging programme?

The revised part-time diploma is intended to be more accessible to the workforce, and is made shorter in duration compared to the full-time diploma because broad-based interdisciplinary modules, final year projects and internships, as well as academic modules such as Mathematics and Sciences, are omitted. As such, most part-time undergraduate programmes would require you to go through a bridging programme to prepare you adequately before admission.

3. If I need to take the bridging programme, how much will it cost and how long will it take?

While the bridging programmes are currently being worked out by the polytechnics and universities, the duration will depend on the type and nature of the part-time degree course that you apply for, and are expected to be between six months to a year. The fees will not be more expensive than undergraduate modules of comparable duration.

Suitable for

People who intend or are working in industries (that include pharmaceutical, petroleum, petrochemicals, specialised chemicals, processing, oil and energy, analytical laboratories, environmental and water technology, material science, life science, research and development and others) that support technical areas such as quality control, quality assurance, testing services, medical diagnostic testing, application and product development in the Energy and Chemicals Sector. This course also includes trainings in laboratory management and safety. Furthermore, the infusion of chemical process skills provides flexibility for students for career advancement in technical roles supporting both laboratory and process.

Course Fees

The course fees payable above are inclusive of 8% GST rate.


For more information on the course fee or to apply, click on the “Register” button.

Application Procedure

1. For self-sponsored applicant, please click on the “Register” button to apply for the course. You will be directed to STEP portal to manage all your course activities. Please note that you will be prompted to sign in with Singpass/Student ID.
2. For company-sponsored applicant, please approach your company's Human Resource (HR) team to put in the application through the company portal using CorpPass.  You may only apply after receiving the registration link from your company's HR.
3. Your application does not guarantee acceptance into the course. Your acceptance into the course is dependent on meeting the course requirements and course vacancy.
4. Non‐Singaporeans must possess a valid Employment Pass / Work Permit / Dependant Pass throughout the course duration. You would need to bear the full risk of non-completion should your pass expire and subsequently lapse within the duration of the course.
5. You will be notified by email on the application outcome 6 weeks after the application’s closing date. 
6. PACE Academy course schedules, including course trainer, course fees and course availability are subject to change.

7. PACE Academy reserves the right to cancel or postpone any course at short notice; & at its absolute discretion without assigning any reason for such cancellation/postponements. In the event that the applicant’s chosen course is cancelled prior to its commencement, PACE Academy will make a full refund of course fees already paid by the applicant.

8. The data provided to Singapore Polytechnic will be kept strictly confidential and will be used for the purpose of course administration. The data may be passed on to the relevant organisations that require the information related to the course. 

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