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Biohydrogen Production through 2-stage Fermentation Process of Food Waste

Hydrogen is one of the most promising future energy carriers because it is renewable and produces only water when combusted. While 95 per cent of the hydrogen used worldwide currently is produced from fossil fuels, there is increasing interest in the production of hydrogen from renewables. Biological methods offer many distinct advantages for hydrogen production such as low setup cost, mild operating conditions and specific conversions. The objective of this project is to design and build a system to produce hydrogen based on a two stage dark/photo-fermentative process. In the first stage, enzymatic hydrolysis converts the starch in biomass such as fruit peels into sugars while in the second stage, bacteria is used to turn the sugars into hydrogen.


Ting Kok Eng


Chong Shin Shing | Ho Jun Ying | Khoo Jun Xiang | Serena Jacqueelyn Kaur Haqueeqat Singh


Diploma in Chemical Engineering

SP Sustainability Matters