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Smart Pump as the Final Control Element for Chemical Processes

In the chemical process industry, a constant speed pump/control-valve combination is traditionally used to control the flowrates of process streams. When low flowrates are required, a large fraction of the pump discharge is recirculated back to an upstream vessel or to the suction of the pump. Energy is wasted and pressure backups can cause control valves to fail prematurely. With a variable speed drive smart pump, flow can be directly reduced by adjusting the speed controller. This can bring energy savings and reduce process complexity. Installation and maintenance costs are also reduced with the recirculation piping and control valves being made redundant. This project studies the relationship between flowrate and pump speed. Sensitivity of flow to pump speed is also studied.


Ting Kok Eng


Ang Kai Rong | Chan Wan Sin | Kenny Quek Yong Ji | Ong Sheng


Diploma in Chemical Engineering


GRUNDFOS (Singapore) Pte Ltd

SP Sustainability Matters