Regional Industry Networking Conference 2018

IPC-RINC 2018, in its 2nd run, was held on Friday, 9 November in SP Convention Centre. It comprises RINC 2018 and a Learning Experience programme for EEE students that consists of talks by industry personnel, a Gallery Walk through a poster exhibition put up by EEE students on their projects developed during their Enhanced Internship programme, and Diploma Day Games.

RINC 2018, which had 9 industry sponsors, 3 supporters and 7 industry exhibitors, was attended by about 600 participants comprising industry personnel, SP staff and SP EEE 1st year students. Nine distinguished speakers, including Keynote Speaker, Mr Douglas Foo, President of SMF, presented papers based on the theme, "Digital Solutions Empowering Smart Industry for Advanced Manufacturing". SP also exhibited the project, “Smart Wireless-Charging AGV”, showcasing our Industry 4.0 capability for industry solutions.

As part of our on-going collaboration with industry, two MOUs were signed during RINC 2018 – one between SP & TUV SUD, and the other between SP & Omron Pte Ltd – to strengthen our commitment to work together for mutual benefit.

In their Learning Experience programme, EEE 2nd and 3rd year students attended separate talks delivered by key industry speakers to encourage them to join and contribute to the exciting world of engineering and to broaden their knowledge of current and future industry trends. All EEE students visited the Gallery Walk and participated in games organized for them as part of their Diploma Day celebration.


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Presentation on industrial IoT


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