Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Studies in Machine Shop Floor Environment

This project looks into the study of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in MAE machining workshops which is a WSH matter. In MAE, the workshops are occupied by students and teaching staff so IAQ leaves an impact on their overall health and work efficiency. The project includes research on different case studies and reports about IAQ and also the installation of a sensor used in this project. It also looked into the correlation between machine usage and the quality of indoor air with proven summarised data results recorded weekly. The main idea is to discuss how to ensure that good IAQ is being maintained to reduce the negative impact on workshop users including recommendations on how to improve the IAQ.


Norazhar Mohamed Sept


Fidarin Widya Kardina Binte Mohd Alwi | Niq Ryan Bin Nazri | Muhammad Nazri Bin Mohamed Ismail


Diploma in Mechanical Engineering


Ichi Seiki Pte Ltd