Arts Fiesta

Held annually in November, the SP Arts Fiesta is a month-long festival of dance, music and theatre. Throughout the festival month, there will be concerts and productions put up by our performing arts clubs featuring the best of SP’s talents from contemporary Jazz to classical Chinese orchestra, band, cultural and contemporary dances, etc. There are also arts and music workshops conducted by local artistes for SP students. Other than providing an opportunity for our Arts & Culture clubs to showcase their talents, it is also an avenue for the SP community to develop an appetite for the Arts.


Arts Fiesta 2022

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"Cause you're a sky. Cause you're a sky full of stars I'm gonna give you my heart" Excerpt from the song “A sky full of stars” by Coldplay 


Let our talented students shine brightly like stars.  

When they come together to perform, they form a celestial body that shines cohesively like a constellation. 

Join us for a whole month of star-studded arts performances! 

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