Arts Fiesta

Held annually in the October/November period, the SP Arts Fiesta is a month-long festival of dance, music and theatre. Throughout the festival month, there will be concerts and productions put up by our performing arts clubs featuring the best of SP’s talents from contemporary Jazz to classical Chinese orchestra, band, cultural and contemporary dances, etc. There are also arts and music workshops conducted by local artistes for SP students. Other than providing an opportunity for our Arts & Culture clubs to showcase their “wares”, it is also an avenue for the SP community to develop an appetite for the Arts.

Arts Fiesta 2021

Arts Fiesta_2021 poster


In the last 18 months, all our student CCA groups had to bounce between online and face-to-face trainings. Thanks to the resilience and ingenuity of our students, their coaches and club officers, our performing arts CCA groups have managed to continue their trainings, and have worked very hard to showcase themselves in the SP Arts Fiesta. ​

This year, the SP Arts Fiesta goes virtual once again. Experience our students’ art and performances in the comfort of your home. We have curated our performances into more bite-sized items. ​In addition, we discovered many budding visual artists from our general student population. We received close to 180 original artworks, each interpreting the theme “Solace” in their own way. We also gave some of our student clubs an opportunity to share their skills via workshops. ​This virtual interactive hub is to present these on one platform.

Do explore the virtual exhibition slowly (best viewed on desktop browser) and immerse yourself in the performances, the artworks and the workshops, at your own time and place. Please help to spread the word and get more people to pop by. Thank you and we hope you enjoy the show.