National Youth Achievement Award

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Are you keen to develop personal qualities like self-reliance, perseverance and responsibility?

Are you looking to become an exceptional individual who can contribute to society and Singapore?

If your answer is YES, the National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) Gold Award is for YOU!

The NYAA Gold award is one of the premier youth development programmes in Singapore.  It is a holistic and non-competitive programme that allows youths to develop themselves and making a difference to others and the community at large.  This programme is in line with the Ministry of Education’s Levels of Attainment, focusing on effort and merit of individual.

The Gold award is for those who are between 16 – 30 years old and the minimum completion period is 18 months.

Programmes offered by SP will support students to accomplish their NYAA journey within 3 years of their student life.  Even if you have graduated from SP, we will still provide the necessary guidance and support.

There are four components which the participant has to complete, namely:

1. Service learning
2. Outdoor appreciation
3. Healthy living
4. Community Leadership Initiative

1. Service Learning

This component allows participants to give useful service to others in the community and to understand the meaning behind voluntary service.

The requirement is 60 hours of regular service spread over a period of 12 months.  Such service or activities has to be with needy communities and social service agencies / NGOs.  Service could also include overseas service learning projects organised by SP.

If academic support is involved, the mentoring/tuition period can only end after the final exams of the mentee/tutee.

2. Outdoor Appreciation

This component requires the activity to be conducted outdoors with a specific learning objective.  Examples of such activities could be learning to set up a tent, walking through a historical district to learn about the background and significance of the area, hiking to learn about the floral diversity in Singapore.

The requirement for this component is at least 36 hours of outdoor activities with a specific learning goal.

3. Healthy Living

This component aims to help the participant develop physical and mental wellness through healthy living.  The requirement is at least 48 hours of regular activities over a minimum of 18 months.

Examples of healthy learning would be sports training, attending wellness and nutrition talks, picking up a new sports or keeping fit through regular exercises / sports.

4. Community Leadership Initiative

This component is about building leadership skills while serving the needs of the community.

Participants can embark on the initiative either individually or in small groups.  If it is in groups, the guide should be one NYAA participant to 10 participants in the community.  There should be less than 10 NYAA participants in any group.

Completing your NYAA Gold Journey

Please submit your draft report to the NYAA Administrator in the Department of Student Development (SD) upon completion of the four components.  You may request for a copy of the report template from SD. Please email Mr David Lee at for information.

The NYAA Administrator will help to go through your report and suggest changes before endorsing it on SP’s behalf.  The finalised report would be submitted to NYAA Council for their assessment and the Council will call you for an interview once that is completed.

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