Service Learning

SP Service-Learning aims to develop students with a genuine desire to understand, care for and make a difference to the vulnerable community.

In line with the principle of service-learning, we believe that students should learn from whom they serve while performing a service. Reflection is a critical component in all our activities as this contributes to their personal growth and development.

We organise both local and overseas service-learning projects throughout the year. These projects meet the needs of the local and overseas community and can be ad-hoc or long term in nature. We also organise the Youth Community Leaders training programme for the student leaders.

Service-Learning 101

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Our Service-Learning 101 is our foundation workshop where we immerse students in an experiential learning journey. In this learning journey, they will engage in:

  • Tasks to experience what it is like to organise a service-learning project.

  • Q&A sessions with various community partners

  • Walk in the shoes of a lower income family, migrant/domestic worker and the “rough sleepers”

This workshop covers the basics of what service-learning is. It is done virtually or through physical sessions where students are brought to the community ground for an impactful experience.

Local Service-Learning

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The Local Service-Learning (LSL) arm reaches out to the underprivileged and the vulnerable in our community.

LSL serves as a platform for SP students to learn more about themselves and the community at large, developing themselves to have compassion and a heart for those in need through their service.

Students can initiate meaningful projects with Social Service Agencies or be involved in existing programmes organised by the Service-Learning CCA clubs.

Click for more information on how you can start your own Local Service-Learning journey (via ichat accounts only)

Overseas Service-Learning

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The Overseas Service-Learning (OSL) arm reaches out to overseas communities mainly within the ASEAN region.

Students are involved mostly in infrastructure building and practicing English with the locals. In the recent years, we saw an increase in students conducting empowering sessions with the local youths of their communities. The cultural exchange between the SP students and overseas communities provide excellent learning opportunities for both.

The Overseas Service-Learning is not complete without students engaging in a pre and post trip local service-learning projects in order to solidify their learning and overall experiences. Here are some of the recent participant’s reviews on their OSLs.


“In my trip to Nepal, along with the interactions with the locals and serving to their needs, the reflection sessions facilitated at night also engaged my thought processes and how I can improve myself from then on as a better person.” – Oh Jin Ziv, MAD, YEP Bhakunde Besi 5
“I really enjoyed the time working with my team to build water gardens and sinks for the villagers as I believe our project will be beneficial for them. At the same time, we also got to learn more about the local culture of the village and expand our knowledge of volunteerism through the journey”.  – Ng Dong Wei, ABE, Bintan 4
“From this trip we braced through uncertainty with having our plans falling out and going for new ones, but it’s through these changes that we managed to persevere and learn together as a team. The sense of belonging and purpose gained will definitely help in shaping my character and continue to develop myself in the future.” – Anson Yam, SB, YEP Li Jiang 8

Youth Community Leaders

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The Youth Community Leaders programme is a programme to develop student leaders with the knowledge and skills to serve the community. The programme consists of workshops, camps and mentorship by the club officers throughout the journey.

Through the Youth Community Leaders programme, students will be able to:

  • Build empathy for the community

  • Design impactful Service-Learning activities with partners

  • Understand the community and the issues faced by them

  • Apply structured critical reflection framework

  • Lead peers in serving the community

The Youth Community Leaders Programme usually starts in January of every year and lasts for a few months.


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