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Besides academic excellence, students can look forward to a vibrant and meaningful campus life through active involvement in sports and wellness programmes. From health talks to SP’s signature Poly50 race, recreational sports clubs to competitive Polytechnic-ITE (POL-ITE) and Institute-Varsity Polytechnic (IVP) games, students can journey with SP to develop their passion for sports and healthy living.

Wellness for Life (previously known as Sports for Life)

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Wellness for Life (WFL) is a physical education and wellness curriculum, catered to our Poly Foundation Programme and Year 1 to 3 students. It has become part of the graduation criteria for all Year 1 students matriculated since the academic year 2018/2019.

WFL aims to enhance students’ knowledge and general well-being by introducing the five pillars of wellness, namely social, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. We hope that our students will practice healthy habits on a daily basis to achieve holistic wellness.

This curriculum also serves to develop our students on SP Graduate Attributes such as Competency & Versatility.

Read more about the modules, pass criteria and registration (via iChat accounts only).

Healthy Lifestyle

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What is health? According to the World Health Organisation, health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Join us in making SP, Our Healthy SP!

Embark in the SP 1200km Challenge, devour the deliciously healthy calorie-friendly food at our food courts, enrich your minds at our health talks, have an exam booster at our Brain Booster Corner and make friends through sports at the SP Games Day. For an additional splash of spice, participate in Poly50, SP’s annual sports event, to create stronger bonds with your friends and awaken the competitive spirit in you!

You know what they say… ‘Being healthy and fit isn’t a fad or a trend. It’s a lifestyle.’

See what’s in store this term and to get insights and tips on how we can embrace a healthier lifestyle, making us better learners and educators! (via ichat accounts only)


Sports Excellence

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In Singapore Polytechnic, we have developed a structured sports programme that provides support and resources necessary for teams and athletes to progress in their respective fields, as well as to develop integral life skills and passion towards sports.

All our sports clubs work towards developing a culture of championship (based on Jeff Janssen’s book on Championship Culture) in their bid to strive for excellence in their performance and conduct.

The main tenets of Championship Culture is made up of six components. They are:

1. Credible Leaders
2. Compelling and Clear Vision
3. Core Values
4. Standards of Behaviour
5. Unified and Committed Members
6. Aligned Systems


Sports Scholarships

The SP Sports scholarships provide funding to individuals to encourage them to continue to pursue their passion and talent in their sports. Under such scholarships, SP athletes may receive up to $2000 per annum for a maximum of three years provided the eligibility requirements continue to be met.
Applications are open for submissions from August to September. All full-time students are eligible to apply. Short-listed applicants will have to go through interviews before the final recipients are selected.

Read more about SP Sports & Arts Scholarship.


Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT)

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The IPPT Programme and Tests are meant for pre-enlistees [male Singaporeans or PR who are in their final year of study] who have been medically certified by MINDEF as PES A or PES B1.

PES A or B1:

If you are medically graded PES A or B1, you will enjoy an 8-week reduction in your full-time NS duration if you attain 61 points or more from the three Pre-Enlistee IPPT stations (with a minimum of 1 point from each station) at least two weeks before the Physical Training Phase (PTP) enlistment in order to qualify for direct basic training. Otherwise, you are required to undergo the 8-week PTP.

Other PES B, C or E:

You are not required to take the Pre-Enlistee IPPT as you go through a modified basic training programme which does not have the component of PTP. Thus, you do not qualify for the 8-week reduction in your full-time NS duration.

IPPT Tests:

Singapore Polytechnic will organise IPPT tests at our Sports Complex for full-time SP students with PES A and B1 status. Information regarding dates, timing and other details will be disseminated to applicable students. Information will also be provided through the Blackboard Learning Portal.

Students can also book for IPPT tests through MINDEF (held at Toa Payoh Stadium).

Find out more information regarding IPPT from the CMPB website. To book a test through MINDEF, please visit the NS Portal.

For any IPPT related queries, please email

Booking of Sports Facilities

SP students and staff are entitled to make bookings on sports facilities such as the tennis and badminton courts. Please visit our facility booking page.


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