Our arts programmes provide an avenue for students to explore their interests in the arts. We develop students to be resilient and open-minded youths committed to improving their craft and pursuing their dream.

With the hard and soft skills instilled in our students, we hope they will become competent and confident leaders of tomorrow’s arts scene.


Arts LEAP Camp

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This annual camp trains our Arts & Culture club leaders in the necessary leadership and communication skills. The camp takes the students out of their comfort zone and reinforces essential leadership lessons through interesting activities.

Students who attend the camp forge bonds with fellow Arts enthusiasts. They draw from one another’s experiences and reapplying it in their daily lives. Participants will develop leadership skills that will help them manage their club more effectively.


Show Production Workshop

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This one-day workshop teaches students the basics of stage and production management, as well as lighting and audio.

Catered to the Arts & Culture clubs who are planning their annual productions, this workshop equips them with the necessary concepts and skills to put up a successful show.


Talent Spotting

Art is everywhere! Once a semester, we open a spot around SP for our “local” talents to put down their school bags and take up their instrument.

Using busking as a performance platform, aspiring artistes get more than their 15 minutes of fame as they sing, dance and play to the open crowd. Audience can show their support by leaving comments, dedications and even tokens of monetary appreciation into the busking box. And the buskers are allowed to keep these ‘earnings’ as a form of rewards for their performance effort.

If you want a chance to step out from your bathroom performance onto a bigger stage, please email Ms Ning at


Arts Scholarships

SP students have many avenues to fulfil their artistic endeavours and grow holistically.

The SP Arts scholarship provides funding to individuals to encourage them to improve their knowledge and appreciation of their area of interest in the Arts. SP scholarship grants individuals in amounts up to $2000 per year for a maximum of three years.

Applications are open for submissions from August to September and all full-time students are eligible to apply. Short-listed applicants will have to go through interviews before being selected.

Read more about SP Sports & Arts Scholarship.


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