Community Engagement Programme (CEP)

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Welcome to our Community Engagement Programme

The Community Engagement Programme (CEP) aims to preserve racial and religious harmony, values diversity and promotes the theme of staying united.

The two main thrusts of CEP in SP:

  1. To strengthen social cohesion among students and staff through workshops, events and learning journeys.
  2. To manage incident(s) so as to mitigate impact of race and religious-linked problems and other emergency situations e.g. a race/religion instigated incident, etc.

CEP Ambassadors

We develop students in our midst to be CEP leaders. They will help to strengthen social cohesion in the institution.

The CEP Ambassadors are the Year 1 Class Leaders. They are nominated by their tutors to be ground sensors and first responders for their classmates and peers. Look for them if you have an unconscious casualty. If you sense anomaly amongst your peers, you may wish to talk to the CEP Ambassadors.

If you are not a Year 1 Class Leaders but are passionate about CEP work, please email Ms Ho Wei Ning at or Ms Hope Lee at However, do note that recruitment will take place at the start of the Academic Year before Term 1 week 5.

CEP Events and Workshops

Signature CEP events and workshops are organised regularly by our CEP community which comprises staff and student CEP Champions and Ambassadors.

Some of the workshops organised are Ground Sensing, certified CPR AED, and Community Vigilance. There are also learning journeys to Religious Rehabilitation Group (RRG) Centre, Harmony in Diversity Centre, and more.

1. Ground Sensing Workshop

Being able to read and sense the ground is a critical skill that a CEP student leader should possess. This skill helps you spot thoughts and perceptions, feelings and attitudes, behaviors and actions to determine if intervention is required. The Community Engagement Programme will train you in ground sensing.

2. Learning Journey to Harmony in Diversity Gallery

At the Harmony in Diversity Gallery, you will appreciate Singapore’s rich religious diversity by the narratives told by its exhibits, artefacts and interactive features. The outdoor tour organised by the gallery will enrich your knowledge about one of Singapore’s historical ‘Streets of Harmony’

3. Facilitation

Being in the CEP Student Network, you will also get the chance to train and develop your facilitation skills in CEP matters. A facilitator plans, guides and manages a group event to meet its goals. So if you show us that you have the interest and inclination, we will give you the chance to facilitate. Apart from the above, being in the CEP Student Network will give you the priority to register and attend conferences, seminars and dialogues.

For more information on CEP or to join as CEP Ambassadors or CEP Champions, please email Ms Hope Lee at



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