In SP, we believe that everyone can be a leader. The SP Student Leadership Programme (LEAP) aims to groom students as caring leaders who are committed to serve the community.  Student leaders will learn to be effective individuals, team contributors and team leaders.

Take a LEAP and discover the leader in YOU!

SP Student Leadership Programme (LEAP)

This is a 3-level progressive programme that aims to develop effective student leaders in Personal Leadership and Team Leadership.

Student leaders will be developed on personal effectiveness, and be put through training on team leadership so that they will gain confidence in leading others to serve the community as caring leaders.

As a self-directed programme, students may choose to develop their leadership skills through various pathways at their own pace.  In addition, student leaders will also be mentored at the different levels, where eventually they will serve in their own roles at their own community and reflect on their student leadership journey.

LEAP Experiential Learning Camps

1. LEAP Experiential 1
1. LEAP Experiential 2
1. LEAP Experiential 3

LEAP Experiential Learning Camps are designed for identified student leaders across SP (e.g. school leaders, CCA leaders).  The camps are conducted both locally and overseas.

Student leaders will be taught various leadership concepts including the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leader.  Participating in the camps allows student leaders to experience being a team leader in complex environments and situations.  Student leaders will reflect, practise and apply leadership concepts in realistic scenarios under the guidance of mentors and facilitators. The leadership skills learnt will prepare them to be better leaders when they graduate.



“The Arts LEAP camp was well executed despite being a 4-day online camp. Initially, I was concerned that I might not have a satisfactory experience since it was conducted online, but I was wrong. I had a very satisfying experience, and I formed beautiful memories with my teammates and CCA members via the discussions, challenges and collaborations.” –Shantini, DTVM, MAD
“I have always been comfortable stepping forward and taking initiative in my schools and communities. I never looked for a deeper meaning to being a leader. After this four-day camp, I have come to realize there is so much more to being a leader than simply saying “Yes I volunteer”.  I will remember this camp to be insightful and how it has developed my abilities to lead.” – Jared, DCHE, CLS
“The LEAP camp was definitely an eye opener that helped me understand leadership and myself better. From the activities, I learnt about the leadership practices that I have never heard of before. Now I am able to identify which aspect I personally want to work on, such as enabling others to act. This is something I am currently working on to better lead my team.” – Kelsey, DBS, CLS

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