Aero Hub

The Aero Hub is a four-storey building that houses an aircraft hangar, laboratories and Research & Development centre to provide training facilities to students of the Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering (DARE) and the Diploma in Aerospace Electronics (DASE) courses

The 4 aircraft; Hawker HS125-700A, King Air B90, A4SU Super Skyhawk and Bell UH-1H Helicopter in the aircraft hangar will provide authentic training environment to DARE and DASE students.
The Aero Hub also house a Research and Development Centre that supports the development of full-motion flight simulators, hybrid rocket propulsion systems and Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) vehicle, Intermeshing and co-axial Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). The full motion flight simulator is capable of accommodating F16 cockpit, Boeing 737 cockpit and F1 race car cockpit to simulate their respective motions and controls.

The Aero Hub has an Airbus A320 Flight Simulator and Maintenance Trainer.  It is a full sized replica of the actual Airbus A320 aircraft cockpit. This simulator is used to enhance students' understanding and hands-on experience of the operations, functions and controls of various electrical and electronic systems as well as flight controls in a modern aircraft. It is also capable of simulating a variety of aircraft instruments, electrical and electronic systems failures for training and developing students’ analytical and troubleshooting skills that are necessary for aircraft maintenance.

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