Internship Stories

Le Wei DARE ST Engineering Aerospace 2

ST Engineering Aerospace

Interning at ST Engineering Aerospace, Le Wei is part of the team transforming old passenger planes into freight planes!

"As a design engineer at the Engineering Development Centre (EDC), my task is to address issues flagged out by engineers and part manufacturing vendors to improve the passenger to freighter conversion. As an Aeronautical Engineering student, I was able to apply the skills learnt in classroom to the office and his internship has taught me so much about the aerospace industry as well!"

- Chiew Le Wei, 2021

Huetta Teo_DARE_RollsRoyce NTU Lab

Final year Aeronautical Engineering student Huetta Teo chose an internship with Rolls-Royce x Nanyang Technological University, Singapore due to her strong interest in aircraft engines and the company's strong presence in the aviation industry.

"I got to be a part of the High-Density Power Converter project," she shares. "My task was to carry out product optimisation and run simulations on advanced engineering software like ANSYS and Solidworks Professional."

Huetta believes this internship solidified her passion for aeronautical engineering and plans to pursue it at a university level after graduation.

- Huetta Teo, 2020

Xavier Neo DARE Airbus Services Asia Pacific ASAP

After spending 6 months at Airbus Services Asia Pacific (ASAP), Aeronautical Engineering student Xavier Neo had a clearer view of different roles within the aviation industry.

"I worked with data analytics and computer programming to help automate different aspects of the Airbus team's workflows," he shares. "SP modules such as Aircraft Systems, Aircraft Powerplants and Computer Programming were invaluable and really prepared me for this internship." 

- Neo Xavier, 2020

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