Ourglass Robotics

Interning at Ourglass Robotics has allowed our Diploma in Mechatronics & Robotics (DMRO) fam, Asuka, to gain insights into the robotics and automation world. 🤖 From implementing robots in restaurants to speeding up processes at logistics centres, it was indeed a fruitful experience for Asuka where he got to apply his knowledge from SP.

- Takeuchi Asuka, 2021

Hein Oak Soe DMRO CCS Asia


I was attached ot the Engineering Department (Automation) where I was trained in integration and programming of mobile industrial robots and collaborative robots (cobots). During this internship, I had the opportunity to be in the manufacturing floor learning the line processes and how PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) containing hundreds of components are assembled with much efficiency and speed. This is really an eye-opener and now I have a better appreciation of how robotics and automation are applied in the real world setting!

- Zacarias Eleazar Ng, 2021

Hein Oak Soe DMRO CCS Asia

CCS Asia

Prior to entering SP, Oak took an interest to automation and electronics as he was decidign on which course to enrol in. that is why he chose to enrol in SP's Diploma in Mechantronics and Robotics (DMRO) after his 'O' levels.

As he applied to CCS Asia for his internship, he shared that he was able to apply the knowledge he learnt from school in a real-life working environment. At CCS Asia, he worked on deisgns of products and fixtures while providing help to the technical department.

After his internship, he was even commended by the company for his dedication and contributions. "I enjoyed the internship and will definitely be pursing a career in a similar field," he shared.

- Hein Oak Soe, 2021

Aravindhan DMRO SICK

SICK - Product Center Asia

Check out our Mechatronics & Robotics student who interned at SICK - a sensor intelligence company with over 10,000 employees worldwide! As an intern, his role includes designing a demo kit to display the use of the sensors, research work to assist his team in sensor designing projects as well as any final modifications of the design prior to presenting to their clients.

- Aravindhan, 2021



Omron APAC Industrial Automation

Currently on his internship with Omron APAC Industrial Automation, final year Mechatronics & Robotics student Syed Abu Thahir is tasked to work on various industrial robots.

“I work on programming and conducting tests on them based on the client’s needs,” he shares.

“The skills I learnt during my course’s C++ programming and Industrial Automation modules really proved invaluable during this internship!”

- Syed Abu Thahir, 2020 

Kimberly Suriya DMRO NUS Entreprise

NUS Enterprise

Getting involved with the creation of future technology is what our final year Mechantronics & Robotics student Kimberly Suriya is doing at her internship with NUS Enterprise.

"I work with NUS start-ups for the creation and completion of their prototypes particularly 3D design and fabrication services," she shares. "Not only it has improved my designing and engineering skills, but it also has improved my critical thinking skills in terms of working on and solving different problems!"

- Kimberly Suriya, 2020

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