I can begin my career

The global aerospace industry is set to grow in the coming decades and multiple multi-national companies such as Rolls-Royce, Bombardier Aerospace Services Singapore, Bell Helicopter and Cessna Aircraft have already set up facilities in Seletar Aerospace Park. There will be strong demand for DARE graduates to fill the following roles:

  • Aeronautical Engineering Technologist
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
  • Aeronautical Design and System Engineer
  • Simulator Systems Engineer
  • Unmanned Vehicle System Design Engineer
  • Flight Operations Officer
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Air Transport Operators

The DARE curriculum also prepares you for the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) Airworthiness Requirements (SAR 66) examinations so that you can become a licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer ahead of others!

I can further my studies

As a DARE graduate, you may be offered direct entry/advanced standing at local and overseas universities respectively. They include:

  • Nanyang Technological University
    • Bachelor of Engineering (Aeronautical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering)
  • National University of Singapore
    • Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)
  • University of New South Wales (Australia)
    • Bachelor of Engineering (Aeronautical)
  • University of New South Wales (Australia)
    • Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace)
  • Loughborough University (UK)
    • Bachelor of Engineering (Aeronautical Engineering)
  • Queen’s University of Belfast (UK)
    • Bachelor of Engineering (Aeronautical Engineering)
  • University of Southampton (UK)
    • Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace Engineering)

The Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) and University of Glasgow have accredited the DARE course and allow its graduates to complete the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Aeronautical Engineering and Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Aerospace Systems within two years at the Singapore Polytechnic campus.

You can also gain direct entry with advanced standing of up to two years into the aeronautical and mechanical engineering degree programmes at other local and foreign universities. You can also apply for non-engineering degree courses.

For a full list of degree options and advanced standings at the local or overseas universities, please visit the Advanced Standing Database


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