Congratulations to DMRO Student Chapter being awarded the Outstanding Contributions Award 2022!


DMRO Graduate 2021, Kimberly Suriya


Congratulations to Asher Chan for clinching Gold in WorldSkills Singapore 2020 for Mechanical Engineering CAD!

Asher DMRO wins WSS2020 MECAD

Congrats to Team Floating Energy and Team WindoMated for emerging as the top and second winners of Cogito 2020!

 Cogito2020 winner DMRO

Staff project invited by ZEISS for exhibition at Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC (ITAP) 16-18 Dec 2018.



SunSPEC 5 invited for exhibition at Youth@SIEW (Singapore International Energy Week) 29 Oct-1 Nov 2018. 



Student project, Autonomous Transporter, selected for exhibition at Tech Saturday (Upsized!) 2-3 June 2018.

Tech Sat r2

DMRO students race in World Solar Challenge 2017


Nine DMRO students were part of the SP Solar Car Team. They designed and built the SunSPEC5 – a Cruiser Class Solar Car - for the Bridgestone World Solar Car Challenge 2017. The team covered a distance of 3021 km from Darwin to Adelaide in racing through the Australian outback. SunSPEC5 carries two passengers, inclusive of driver, and has a 100 km/h top speed. The car was designed to have a power pack capacity of about 14.5kWh with 24% efficiency solar cells covering 5m2. During the race, the team travelled from 8 am till 5 pm each day and made camp when they had to stop for the day. This is one of many adventures that DMRO students have enjoyed in their course of study.

The staff and students that participated in the race are shown in the group photo with their trusty steed:

Standing behind car: Left to Right – Sheryl Choo (Solar Car Driver), Krystal Wong (Solar Car Driver), Lim Jia Ren (Student Lead for Mechanical Team), Joel Lim, Kyle Woo, Sebert Fong (Solar Car Driver), Lim Zheng Yuan, Phyo Min Han, Seow Jing Woon

MAE Staff, seated in front : Left to Right - Dr Erwin Wouterson (Advisor for composites and advanced materials), Foo Fang Siong (Assistant Project Manager, Vehicle Designer of SunSPEC5)


DMRO Graduate 2017 Pheh Jing Jie: Touched by the Air Jelly


DMRO Graduate 2017 Wayne Lee Jing Jie: The open and curious mind

Wayne climbing 2

Having lots of fun with LEGO blocks and joining Robotics Clubs when young, Wayne discovered he had a passion for learning and understanding how things would function. This hunger for technical curiosity lead Wayne to sign up for an engineering course in Singapore Polytechnic, namely, the Diploma in Mechatronics and Robotics.

At SP, Wayne was impressed by the facilities on campus and his favourite hangout in school is the Robotics Learning Space (W1421). Spending almost all of his time there in his final semester toiling away on a challenging Final Year Project, the company and assistance given by his lecturers and team mates made the whole experience a wonderful memory to cherish. This cooperative and communal culture of DMRO drives students to be intrinsically motivated.

As he looked back on his graduation day, Wayne realised how much he has grown with SP. Not just in his field of study but also in other areas of character development – joining the International Students’ Club provided him opportunities to expand his circle of friends beyond the classroom and beyond where he held dear of the fond memories he had with them.

To those who are still deciding whether or not to study engineering, this is what Wayne has to say: “If you are a practical and hands-on person, and if you like Physics, then this is definitely a good choice for you. Keep an open and curious mind, and you will be able to enjoy the years growing up and learning in Singapore Polytechnic.”

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