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Sound & music engage the audience at a deeper level. They are often the key to driving the mood and emotions of an experience. With music as the primary focus in this specialisation, you will also learn to compose, arrange, produce and manage musical and audio content for various other contexts.

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What You'll Learn

  • Music Creation: Composition, Arranging, Editing and Production
  • Sound Production: Recording, Engineering, Mixing, Live Sound
  • Music Performance
  • Show Production
  • Music Business



Career Pathways

Launch your career with us. It will enable you to join a wide range of established firms and be engaged for a variety of roles like:

  • Music Producer, Director, Composer or Arranger
  • Music Educator
  • Musician
  • Song Writer
  • Boom Operator
  • Production Assistant
  • Sound Designer, Editor, Engineer, Recordist
  • Stage Manager

Higher Education

Further your studies with confidence. Our diploma opens a myriad of opportunities to attain your degree at both local and overseas universities.


• Nanyang Technological University
• National University of Singapore
• LASALLE College of the Arts 


• Berklee College of Music
• Full Sail University
• Goldsmiths, University of London

• Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts



"One of my biggest takeaways from SP was meeting different people from different walks of life. I met people who were exposed to different arts and forms of music. This meant that subconsciously, we would have heard each other’s inspirations and in one way or another I'm sure that it impacted the craft that we were creating.

The course essentially equipped me with the skillsets that I need to function as a music producer / director in the international industry. There were modules which focused on music business which is super essential as it is in my opinion as important as the craft itself. The course also taught me how to interact with musicians from different backgrounds giving me an understanding of the different “languages” of music, for instance, understanding Raags in Indian Cultural Music and understanding bowing methods of an erhu player."

- Alumnus Buvaneswaran Ganesan  Co-founder / executive music producer of  Shabir Music Asia


Electives may be existing modules offered within Media, Arts & Design or other Schools


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