About MAD



You will be part of our unique interdisciplinary education that is built into our 7 specialisations. The driving force of our curriculum is to allow your individual curiosity, creativity, and professional practice to flourish. You will acquire mastery in your specialisation and also be equipped with diverse knowledge that broaden your perspective.




You can be fully immersed in our technology-enriched learning environment with hand-on experiences. Exposed to the latest advancements in the creative field, you will always be ahead of the game.


Every MAD student has the potential to make a difference and we enhance your innovative abilities through our transdisciplinary project modules and creative entrepreneurship programs. These opportunities create authentic experiences that closely connect you to the world beyond the classroom.


Our graduates are fearless. Armed with competent domain knowledge & skillsets, a powerful collaborative mindset and a dynamic entrepreneur spirit, they forge successful paths in their chosen creative fields.

Our MAD Story

Diploma in Media, Arts & Design (DMAD) is a merger of 8 diplomas into a single diploma. These collective diplomas shared a common trajactory into the media, arts and design sectors. For the benefit of our student body, the school unified these courses into into a single diploma, with 7 specialisations.

All our first-year DMAD students will be immersed in a common foundation semester called the “Foundry” before choosing their specialisation. They will continue to work collaboratively across specialisations, building a transdisciplinary mindset.

This holistic approach is in response to the rapid shifts and disruptions to the creative landscape. The consolidation allowed for a more robust curriculum, enpowering our students to pivot with agility to the dynamic needs of the creative industry.

At the heart of this evolution is our students’ best interest. MAD is dedicated to equip our graduates with confidence that enables them to forge ahead into their future creative pathways.

Mission & Vision


To mould and develop the creative talents of our students so that they can contribute to a more creative and imaginative Singapore.


  • To train students with specialised skills and equip them with a broad set of capabilities to meet the need the ever changing landscape in the media, arts and design sectors.

  • To challenge and inspire students to reach their full creative potential through a rigorous and industry-relevant curriculum.

  • To train, skilled industry-ready and adaptable graduates with an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset.


Director's Welcome


In the 3 years with us, you will become a competent professional who will be making a difference in the creative industry.

Here at MAD, our vision is to Mould and Develop your creative talents so you can contribute to a more creative and imaginative Singapore. Our caring and dedicated staff team is committed to create learning experiences that will open your minds. I can assure you, you will never walk alone. We will journey with you in this new ed-venture and be the catalyst to uncover and unleash your creative potential.

As you build your professional skillsets with us, do seek out opportunities to give back to the community and develop yourselves through the many student activities available on campus. Make the most of your time with us. 

Aspire to be a creative and critical thinker. Desire and dare to be different.

I wish you a MAD-nificent time with us!

Ms. Tan Yen Yen
Director, MAD school

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