EEE Team won 3rd Prize @NTU Deep Learning Week Hackathon


Team Junior Ghost

EEE Team Junior Ghost, comprising DCPE students Khambhati Mohammed Huzefa, Fazith Ismail and Kalyanaraman Rajaselvam, won 3rd prize at NTU Deep Learning Week Hackathon on 2 Oct 2022. This is an annual competition hosted by NTU. Out of approximately 700 participants, majority were students from NTU.

They also took home a cash prize of $1,000 with their pitch on Gamified Therapy for patients with Arthritis or Carpal Tunnel. The game made use of therapeutic hand exercises, and mapped them to W A S D keyboard keys, so that users could control any online game in the world while easing their wrists at the same time. The target audience ranges from primary school kids, working adults, to elderly folks. Patients with arthritis would also be wearing a special 3D-printed glove, with rubber bands adding tension along their fingers to revitalise and train their joints while playing the game. The glove would be significantly more affordable than typical physiotherapy gloves for arthritis.

The team credited EEE engineering education for laying a strong foundation to enable their win.

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