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Intake for 2020: 200

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Comprehensive and highly sought-after Computing diploma course to develop engineers who can devise innovative solutions for a Smart Nation.


Singapore is striving to become a “Smart Nation”, and many big, modern cities in this world are racing toward that direction too. In the Smart Cities of future, we will see autonomous vehicles roaming on the roads; drones delivering orders; Intelligent City Management Systems (traffic, transport, power-grid, policing), etc. We will also see intelligent robots in Smart Factories producing high-quality products; AI-powered Smart Farms growing nutritious and environment-friendly vegetables. The future Smart Cities rely heavily on modern technologies such as AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things), Data Analytics, 5G networking and Cybersecurity. Do you have the knowledge and skills in these areas, tapping on these trends to achieve great success in your career?

Diploma in Computer Engineering (DCPE) is the course that you can gain knowledge and skillsets for these emerging trends to develop secured smart solutions with intelligent devices for innovative info-communication service. "Computer Engineering" is a discipline about the hardware and software aspects of computer science. Computers are at the heart of any intelligent, modern and high tech systems. Devices and systems are becoming smarter (e.g. AI-enabled) because of computers.

DCPE is the most comprehensive diploma-level computing course in Singapore, offering varieties of specializations that no other courses can match. You are guaranteed to find the specialization that inspires and excites you. With DCPE, you will be equipped with solid foundation in computer and electronic hardware design, software programming, networking, cyber security, and cloud computing. You will master the skill of integrating various computing technologies to design and implement intelligent systems and robotics. These skills & knowledge will empower you to take up the challenges of this digital age.

Tech Areas of DCPE

How is DCPE different from other IT courses that also teach Software Programming, AI, and/or Cyber Security? Visit the Facebook Page of DCPE (www.facebook.com/dcpe.sp) for the answers!!!

DCPE offers the uniqueness of covering Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT), which combines “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) and “Internet of Things” (IoT). AI is not new (the term “AI” was adopted by Computer Scientist Prof John McCarthy in 1956), while the idea of “IoT” is more recent (about 2008, according to Cisco Systems). Combining the power of IoT in “sensor data collection” with the power of AI in “performance optimization”, computer engineers are seeing explosive opportunities in inventing smart systems to catalyse our society into an AIoT-powered future.


In EEE, we apply AIoT knowledge in our iconic and industry projects. Students gained invaluable experience of applying AI and IoT knowledge together to tackle engineering problems. Examples: Autonomous Electric Vehicle (AEV); Vertical Farming; and RoboCup@Work. EEE will have our new AIoT Centre in 2020, to further explore the potential of AI and IoT technologies in engineering applications, and to devise innovative, intelligent and ingenious solutions for our future world.

Students preparing the
Electric Vehicle (AEV)
for road testing.
The healthy, fast growing
vegetable of the “Vertical Farming”
The RoboCup@Work robot
demonstrating its “Recognise & Pick”
action in the Rotating Table Test (RTT).

Course Highlights

  • Offers specialisation options in Computer Applications, Cloud Systems, Cyber Security, and Smart City Technologies.
  • Prepares you for Industry Certification such as Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Oracle Java Developer Certification, which help to enhance your career prospects.
  • Authentic learning using on-campus facilities such as Data Centre and Smart Connected Solutions Lab.
  • Opportunities to join the premier Engineering Academy Programme.
  • Prestigious SingTel Engineering Cadet Scholarship that cover tuition fees, monthly allowance and laptop allowance.
  • CSIT Diploma Scholarship (CSIT=Centre for Strategic Infocomm Technologies) that is bond-free, covering all tuition and compulsory fees, annual allowance and laptop allowance.
  • 22-week enhanced internship programme at reputable companies to deepen your skills and provide you with exposure to real world projects.
  • 6-week Overseas Immersion Programme to Japan.
  • Further studies at either local or overseas universities, eligible for degree programmes in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Systems, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, etc.
    • You can gain direct entry into the second year of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering course at NTU or gain about one year’s worth of exemptions at NUS.
    • You may be granted advanced standing of up to two years when applying for related degree programmes at overseas universities

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