Special Prize Win by DCPE Team at 12th NAPROCK International Programming Contest

DCPE did it again!  Its team once again clinched the Special Prize at the 12th NAPROCK International Programming Contest held online from 10 to 11 Oct 2020. Hosted by NAPROCK, the international contest was held jointly with KOSEN ProCon.  Participants were from Asian countries and from Japan KOSEN. The competition examined the ability of STEM college students to synthesise learning and realize their ideas through information communication technology. WIK team comprised DCPE year 2 students Isaac Goh, Khor Kah Seng and Cheong Wai Khin.

The team demonstrated their functional prototype, WIK-LMS, to the PROCON panel consisting of professors from the various KOSEN.  The WIK-LMS was a novel learning management system which incorporated several features below:

  • Adaptive learning through questions assigned using MMR score computed based on student’s performance.
  • Usage of digital handwriting as input. Answers for the questions were written on a web-mobile application, and with image recognition, the grading of the written answers was automated.
  • Educators set different questions on the same topic using blooms taxonomy.
  • Solution is serverless computing that runs from the Cloud.


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