EEE Teams Bagged Gold and Silver Awards at 15th International Standards Olympiad Competition

EEE team representative

EEE Teams won Gold and Silver Awards at the 15th International Standards Olympiad competition, jointly organised by the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS) and the Korean Standards Association (KSA).  The competition, conducted online through video conferencing from 17 to 19 Nov 2020, consisted of Middle School and High School categories.  The two EEE teams were endorsed by Enterprise Singapore to represent Singapore in the High School category of the competition.  They had to compete against 18 other teams from Korea, China, Indonesia and Kenya.  Team “Clutch,” comprising second year DASE students, Deon Foo Wei Jun, Ng Chee Fong and Tay Sze Han Kennard, won the Gold award while Team “So Possible,” made up of second year students, Calista Wong Wei Ping and Isaac Goh Jia Rong, from DCPE, and Tan Jun Yi from DEEE, clinched the Silver award.  

The competition aimed to promote awareness of the importance of standardization for convenience and safety, and to enhance the students’ scientific creativity by creating an opportunity to explore new ways of standardization.  During the competition, students were required to develop an international standard on a given task within 5 hours.  They were evaluated on the written assignment and oral presentation on the international standards that they had developed within the duration given.

Singapore Polytechnic EEE Teams had participated in this yearly International Standards Olympiad competition since 2017, winning the topmost Grand Prix Prize and Silver Prize in 2018 and 2019, respectively. The achievements would not have been possible without the dedicated coaching by EEE staff Goh Say Seng, Than Keng Hwa and Voon Ching Choo, and the guidance the team received from Jason Low of Enterprise Singapore.


Reflections from Team Clutch:

Before we joined this competition, we had no idea what standards were. We did not know they existed, and we did not know what they were used for. When we started training for the competition, we were surprised to find out that standards played such a huge part in our lives. The vast array of standards created to standardize objects and processes in our lives piqued our interest and spurred us on to do our best in the competition. Overall, this competition was an eye-opening experience for us and one we'll remember for some time to come.

Reflections from Team So Possible:

The experience was very eye-opening and allowed us to learn about standards, its importance and relevance in our everyday lives. The skills we learnt through the competition such as the proper formatting of a standards document will be relevant when we enter the working world,  making it extremely valuable to us.  We are very thankful for the guidance from our lecturers and the opportunity to compete with students from other countries.

Team Clutch receiving the Gold Prize

Team “Clutch” receiving the Gold Prize.  From left to right:  Deon Foo Wei Jun, Ng Chee Fong and Tay Sze Han Kennard.

Team receiving silver prize

Team “So Possible” receiving the Silver Prize.  From left to right:  Tan Jun Yi, Isaac Goh Jia Rong and Calista Wong Wei Ping.

Competition presentation by Team Clutch

Competition presentation by Team Clutch

competition presentation by team so possible

Competition presentation by Team “So Possible”

Team Clutch

Team “Clutch” with EEE staff Goh Say Seng

Team so possible

Team “So Possible” with EEE staff Than Keng Hwa

Sp team representative

Teams “Clutch” and “So Possible” with EEE staff Goh Say Seng and Voon Ching Choo

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