Why be a Sustainable Energy Engineer?

Be an engineer sculpting a sustainable and eco-friendly future through diverse energy solutions

Singapore's Green Plan 2030 emphasizes sustainability and envisions a resilient future. As Singapore focuses on environmental stewardship and green technologies, there's a growing need for sustainability professionals like urban planners, renewable energy experts, policy analysts, and consultants. These professionals will help Singapore meet its environmental goals, drive green technology innovation, and balance economic growth with environmental care, positioning the nation as a global sustainability leader.

The new third-year specialisation in “Sustainable Energy” is designed to equip DEEE students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in power, clean energy, and low-carbon alternatives identified by the authorities as rapid growth areas in Singapore’s pursuit of a sustainable future. 

The curriculum of this specialisation will emphasise the following key areas:

  • Solar Energy
  • Smart Grid
  • Energy Management
  • Electric Vehicle
  • Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology
  • Energy Storage

School: School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Course Manager: Mr Niu Tianfang
Tel:(65) 67721246
General Enquiries: contactus@sp.edu.sg
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