STAR for Formulating Protein Rich Baked Products

Course Date:
07 Sep 2022 to 09 Jan 2023

Registration Period:
15 Mar to 24 Aug 2022

70 hours

8:30am to 5:00pm

Mode of Training:
Facilitated Learning (F2F), Supervised Field Training and Practical Training

Singapore Polytechnic

Course Introduction

Protein dietary requirement increases with age and adequate protein intake is associated with many positive functional outcomes. As such, there is a noticeable growing interest in protein fortification of food and beverages. However, protein fortification has implications on the quality of the food product, especially bakery products, due to its impact on dough handling, mixing times and other attributes. Hence, it cannot be added without care and consideration. 

Incorporation of additional protein in baked goods requires careful selection of ingredients, reformulation with proper application of additives or process adjustment to meet the recommended protein content without compromising the eating quality. This is in addition to the understanding of the requirements of Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS) to develop a more nutritionally wholesome baked product.

The course comprises of 1-day in-class training and practical session. Thereafter, participants are required to complete a project under the guidance of the trainer with a maximum of three mentoring sessions.  Participants will carry out the project at their own facility and present the prototypes to the trainer during mentoring sessions for further guidance on improvements. Project will need to be completed within 3 months from the course date. A report to summarize the key findings of the trials is to be submitted within 2 weeks upon project completion.

STAR for Formulating Protein Rich Baked Products

Course Objective

This course equips participants with the necessary knowledge and skills in product development of healthier protein-enriched baked goods through project-based training.  

Course Outline

By the end of the course, participants will be able to: 
1. Formulate a  healthier protein-enriched bakery product
2. Improve common quality issues in protein fortification in bakery product

Topics to be covered

1. Introduction of Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS)
2. Nutritional analysis of food products
3. Ingredient used for nutrient fortification
4. Health benefits of protein fortification
5. Formulating a healthier protein-enriched bakery product
6. Improve quality issues when incorporating protein into bakery products 
7. Practical Session - Improve quality issues when incorporating protein into bakery products 

Diagram of the course structure and timeline.

Suitable for

Assistant Pastry Chef / Pastry Chef / Head Baker / Assistant Food Technologist / Food Technologist

Minimum Entry Requirements / Assumed Skills and Knowledge

1. ITE/Polytechnic Diploma in relevant food science discipline or equivalent qualifications. 
2. Literate in Microsoft Excel
3. Working in a SFA-licensed food establishment with bakery equipment. 

Important Note 

Participants are required to: 

- Attach SFA licence and UEN printout during course registration. 

- Bring an internet-enabled laptop with Microsoft Excel to complete course assignment and assessment. 

Award / Certification / Accreditation

• Certificate of Attendance (electronic Certificate will be issued)
A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to participants who meet at least 75% attendance rate

• Certificate of Performance (electronic Certificate will be issued)
A Certificate of Performance will be awarded to participants who pass the assessment and meet at least 75% attendance rate

Trainer’s Profile

Sheryl Lim

Sheryl Lim is a food technologist at FIRC (Food innovation and resource centre) and has 10 years of industrial experience in the baking and ingredients sector. She is involved in various projects with clients from the food industry as well as research related to protein fortification. Since 2015, she has worked closely with clients to solve technical issues faced and provided advice and knowledge on functions of various relevant ingredients. She was a recipient of a scholarship while pursuing her bachelor’s degree at the National University of Singapore.

Lynn Loh

Lynn Loh prides herself to be a meticulous chef with a great passion for baking. She brings a wealth of experience since she started her career in 2003 as a Pastry Chef in various 5 stars hotels, and as Pastry Instructor in a reputed hospitality Institute from 2010 till 2015. She is well versed in the kitchen operations of hotel, private restaurant and factory production kitchen. She mastered the skills and knowledge in many kinds of flour confectionery and sugar confectionery products. 

Since 2015, FIRC is proud to have Lynn as Bakery Technologist and providing her expertise in helping numerous SMEs and MNCs with food science and bakery solutions.

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