We Nurture PEOPLE who Develop People. The Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology (DHRMP) is a unique course that combines practical and applied areas of human resource (HR) management with psychology to develop students into successful HR professionals.
To reinforce the awareness and development of Emotional Quotient (EQ) in students, the DHRMP curriculum incorporates concepts of Emotional Intelligence and Positive Psychology.




SP was the first polytechnic to offer a full-time Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology (DHRMP) in 2008. Today, as the appointed HR Sector Lead for Polytechnics and ITE, we are strengthening our relationships with the HR community to implement SkillsFuture and sector development initiatives.

Our course incorporates professional assessment from the Institute for HR Professionals (IHRP), offering our students the opportunity to be an IHRP Certified Associate (IHRP-CA), hence giving them a head start in their IHRP certification journey and career. This keeps SP at the forefront of HR education, ensuring that our students are prepared to succeed in today's global, fast-changing, and complex business environment.

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Our students can look forward to a carefully and deliberately curated learning experience in the three years they will spend in DHRMP. This includes:

  1. Hands-on training and application: In addition to acquiring key HR competencies in areas such as talent attraction, talent development and talent management, students gain business-centric skills in analytics, technology, problem-solving and design thinking throughout the programme. This holistic training throughout this highly engaging course culminates in a final-year client-based project where the solutions are implemented in organisations.
  2. Industry immersion: Leveraging on our strong relationships with the HR community and industry partners, students benefit from collaborations such as the co-location of Kelly Services Career Centre and selected HR Tech Partners on campus. Industry talks and learning journeys also provide students with authentic learning and first-hand experience of how high value HR teams function.
  3. Corporate experience: Our students gain corporate experience during their 22-week internship with industry partner companies. They can also build networks at HR events such as the Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resource Conference, HR Tech Festival Asia, Singapore HR Congress and Singapore HR Awards.

With this comprehensive programme, SP Human Resource students consistently thrive in national HR competitions. This learning experience is enhanced through school-wide leadership programmes and international immersion experiences.

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“I am deeply grateful to SP for providing me with this once-in-a-life-time opportunity to mingle with people with similar interests and to find out how we can contribute back to our community and country.”  

Sabrina Ng Shu Ling 
2nd from right, at the PM’s Reception 2017



SP’s holistic approach to nurturing HR professionals ensures that our SP Human Resource students are work-ready, life-ready and world-ready. That is why exciting job prospects await you in a wide spectrum of industries in HR.

Our SP Human Resource graduates can also receive generous advanced credit standing from reputable universities should they decide to further their studies.

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Goh Jin Song

"Data is the new gold. I want to inspire the HR community to adopt analytics. HR practitioners can analyse data to obtain actionable insights that will help achieve the organisation’s strategic objectives and improve the bottom line. For instance, to reduce high employee turnover rates, we can use insights gathered from engagement surveys to improve employees' satisfaction and retention rate by redesigning their total rewards package. I want to share the benefits of HR analytics with other HR professionals and help guide them as they get started with HR analytics."

Goh Jin Song
TAFEP Gold Medallist
Class of 2022



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Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology

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