Designed for those who want to excel in the financial sector, the Diploma in Banking & Finance (DBKF) course gives students the opportunity to acquire specialist knowledge and skills related to banking, monetary and financial operations. DBKF develops tomorrow’s finance professionals with both theory and the skill sets needed to navigate the evolving world of finance.




Our three-year full-time DBKF programme comprises a robust, future-ready curriculum with industry support. It is designed in close consultation with banking and finance industry partners and so is aligned with future industry needs. It prepares students in three main areas:

Digital & Analytical Skills

Our students acquire a solid working knowledge of banking and finance technologies, such as Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics. Our curriculum features digital marketing and digital user experience, skills that are highly sought after in the industry today.

Market Expertise & Insights


DBKF students attain valuable industry knowledge and insights on financial markets and products, as well as the latest Financial Technology (Fintech) trends and developments disrupting industry, in areas such as Business Banking, Consumer Banking and the Financial Markets.

Industry Relevance & Recognition

Our students solve real-world problems through applied industry projects, leveraging on our close industry links with Banks, Financial Institutions, Fintech Companies, and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises. This way, our graduates are well-recognised by local / foreign universities, professional bodies and industry.

Also, our students go on a 22-week internship in their final year. They can choose an internship with financial institutions such as the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), HSBC, OCBC, DBS and other leading organisations, or with Fintech companies to experience their entrepreneurial journey in Finance and Technology. DBKF students can also go on learning journeys and volunteer for overseas social innovation projects.


Flexible and Multiple Pathways

At various stages of the programme, our students can chart their own pathway choosing from a variety of electives to either deepen or broaden their learning. They can also opt to work on FinTech Projects in Year Three under a mentor from a start-up company. Click here to find out What You'll Study.

FYP UOB Shopical (Resized)

From left to right: Sharon Tan (Executive Director, Personal Financial Services UOB), Cheng Yang, Ming Qi, Naresh, Dominic and Han Wei (Team Shopical)


Beyond the Classroom
The programme will develop you to be future finance professionals with the mastery of both theory and skillsets that are needed to navigate the evolving world of finance.  “Hands-on learning” is fundamental to the SP Banking & Finance experience. There will be opportunities for you to acquire real-life experience through a variety of local and overseas programmes. You will also work on authentic financial research challenges from Financial Institutions and Fintech companies to drive innovations or disruptions to traditional financial methods. Click  here to find out more about Life@SP Banking & Finance.

Fintech Festival Group Shot (Resized) Bringing lessons to life in Fintech Festival 2018


Progression and Connection
As Singapore continues to thrive as an international financial hub, there are good employment opportunities for you.  Many career paths exist for SP Banking & Finance graduates. Employers seeking SP Banking & Finance graduates skillsets include a wide variety of functions.  Click  here to find out more about Your Future.

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"The entire FYP experience was so authentic and rewarding because we got to work alongside big corporations and introduce solutions targeted at real-life banking problems. FYP was truly a great learning experience that allowed us to think out of the box and present our ideas to professionals eloquently. 10/10 would redo it all over again!"

Sharlene Yeo
DBKF Year 3 Student



2020 Champion,  PolyFintech100 API Hackathon (De-centralised Finance)
2020 First Runner-Up,  PolyFintech100 API Hackathon (De-centralised Finance)
2020 Champion,  PolyFintech100 API Hackathon (Financial Inclusion & AI)
2020 First Runner-Up, PolyFintech100 API Hackathon (Sustainable Finance)
2020 Winner,  SUSS Analytics and Visualisation Challenge 2020 (Modern Culture)
2020 Second Runner-Up, SUSS Analytics and Visualisation Challenge 2020 (Modern Culture)
2020 First Runner-Up, SUSS Analytics and Visualisation Challenge 2020 (Humans & Societies)
2020 First Runner-Up, FPAS Financial Planner Awards 2020
2019 8th Placing, Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship
2019 Winner, Microsoft Office Specialist Singapore, National Finals (Excel 2016 Category)
2019 First Runner-Up, PolyFintech Hackathon (InsureTech)
2019 First Runner-Up, PolyFintech Hackathon (FinTech & AI)
2018 NUS Investment Challenge Champion
2017 Usprint Winning School,
Top 3 Student Winners,
Second (POEMS Tertiary Stock and Forex/Gold Challenge),
Top 10 Finalist (National Singapore FinTalent Competition)
2015 Distinction for Outstanding Performance (National Economics & Financial Management Challenge)
2014 High Distinction (National Economics & Financial Management  Challenge)
2013 Third (National Management Competition)
2012 First (National Management Competition)
2011 First (National Management Competition)

Second, Fourth & Fifth (Citibank Foreign Exchange Challenge)


First (National Management Competition)
Second (Asian Management Game in Hong Kong)

2009 First, Second & Third (National Management

Fourth (Asian Management Game in Chennai India)

Third (Citibank Foreign Exchange Challenge)



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