Are you passionate about business but need more exposure and hands-on experience to decide which business discipline/field to specialise in? The Common Business Programme (CBP) is the right place for you! You will be exposed to the different sectors of business to see where your interests lie before deciding on a specialisation.


In the School of Business (SB), we recognise that you can make a more informed choice after having taken fundamental business modules. The Common Business Programme allows students to experience and benefit from the same year one curriculum as other School of Business diplomas (i.e. all year one students take the same first year modules) before making their decision.

Towards the end of year one, semester two, CBP students will rank their preference among the six specialisations from SB-

  • Accountancy
  • Banking and Finance
  • Digital Marketing and Branding
  • Human Resource Management with Psychology
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • International Trade Operations

CBP students will then continue with their Year 2 and 3 studies in one of these specialisations.
CBP 6 Options diagram 2021 for Course Brochure

What do students like about SP CBP?

  • Students have a year - not just six months - to experience the different fundamental business modules
  • Every first year business student, whether he or she is a CBP student or not, takes the same first year curriculum. All begin year two on the same footing. CBP students do not lose any ground while sampling the modules in the first year.
  • We help students make a well-informed decision by providing a multitude of support activities in the first year. See diagram below:Activities Diagram for CBP

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