Today's accountant has evolved to take on roles such as business advisor, consultant and financial analyst. In SP's Diploma in Accountancy (DAC), besides training our students with the relevant technical knowledge, we prepare them with multi-disciplinary skill sets to be able to provide high value-adding specialised services - Our students will be technologically savvy to be ready for the digital world.

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Our three-year full time DAC programme has a robust and future-ready curriculum with industry support. Our curriculum is designed in close consultation with our industry partners to ensure that we prepare our students for future industry needs. Our curriculum prepares students in the following main areas:

Technical Accounting Skills

We equip our students with technical knowledge and skill in all aspects, including but not limited to audit, taxation, financial accounting, forensic accounting and assurance etc. Modules are taught in an interactive manner and students will be given an opportunity to apply the technical concepts learnt to case studies.


Digital & Analytical Skills

Our students are exposed to accounting and tax software such as ABSS and SINGTAX. They acquire digital & analytical skills through modules such as Technology for Business, Accounting Analytics and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) elective.


Accolades and Industry Accreditation

20231st Runner-Up at SMU Tax Challenge
2021. 2023 Champions at SMU Accounting Challenge 2023
2021 2nd Runner-Up at ISCA Accounting RPA Hackathon
2021 3rd Runner-Up at SMU Tax Challenge
2020, 2019, 2018 Champions at the Deloitte-ICAEW Business Case Challenge


What You Can Expect


  • Our interactive modules cover audit, taxation, financial accounting, forensic accounting, and assurance. Through case studies, students apply their technical knowledge to real-world scenarios.
  • Students gain proficiency in accounting and tax software like ABSS and SINGTAX. Modules such as Technology for Business, Accounting Analytics and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) elective develop their digital and analytical capabilities.
  • In the Client Project module, students collaborate with industry partners to solve real-world problems. They apply their three years of knowledge to automate mundane tasks using RPA, contributing to the enhancement of digital capabilities in Small Medium Practices (SMPs).
  • Chart your own pathway and be equipped with multi-disciplinary skills, choosing from a variety of electives to deepen or broaden your learning. (What You’ll Study)
  • Uncover insights in the world of sustainability, predictive analytics, and forensic accounting through a robust, future-relevant syllabus.
  • Gain valuable practical experience through a 22-week internship in auditing, accounting, or taxation.
  • Join competitions to gain exposure and hone your skills.
  • Gain direct entry and enjoy generous advanced credit standing at established local and overseas universities (Your Future).
  • A world of opportunities awaits you. Find out about the career options and pathways available to DAC graduates here.
    (Your Future)



MOU 2MOU signing with the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA)

DAC 3Final Client Project presentation to Grant Thornton (Singapore)



A Bright Future

There are many exciting options for our graduates to embark on. This ranges from employment opportunities to various options for further studies.

SP Diploma in Accountancy is well-recognised by both local and overseas universities, which confer generous advanced credit standing to our graduates. Our graduates also receive generous exemptions from various professional bodies should they wish to further their studies with them.

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"DAC has provided me with numerous opportunities to overcome my introverted nature and become more confident in public speaking and stepping out of my comfort zone. It has also trained me with a strong theoretical foundation coupled with practical applications for me to excel in both the client project and internship. Other from the academic side of school, I was also involved in an overseas community service trip to Surabaya, Indonesia where I taught English to the local children while helping to renovate their classrooms. This experience reinforced my passion for community service and spurred me to lead the SP Roteract Club as President. There's never a dull moment here!

Amrita Kuar D/O Ishwar Singh
Tay Eng Soon Gold Medal
Alfred Robert Edis Prize
DAC Silver Medallist
Class of 2020


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