Common ICT Programme (S32)

EAE Guidelines

EAE Requirements

EAE exercise is open for students taking the ‘O’ levels, ITE and working adults.
You will be required to submit an IT portfolio for the next selection. If you are selected, information to attend an e-interview will be sent to you.

IT portfolio

You will receive a portfolio template to guide you in completing the various sections.

We have guidelines on the number of words and we hope you will write enough and/or furnish us the website links that you may have developed. We are looking for passion, aspirations and coding experience (if any) in your portfolio.

The key areas we asking in which you need to furnish details about are:

What are your achievements in IT related areas?
Have you learnt a programming language in which you have done some projects? For example, if you have learnt html/css and coded a website, you may submit a screen shot of the website and describe what is it about, how long you took to build the website, and what you learnt from using html/css.

Tell us your aspiration in wanting to know more about IT and software programming.
Have you attended AEM, YCEP, ASE in any of the polytechnics offering it or computing/IT related workshops, courses at Community Clubs and other training centres? You may need to provide the IT & Computing related certificates (e.g. Coursera, Udemy, etc), if any.

What are your passions, in relation to IT?
We recognise passion as a driving force to do awesome work. Let us hear your passion for IT and how you might want to use it to improve our lives.

What are your goals?
Imagine you have graduated with an IT related diplomas, what would you be working as? What will your career be like?

What coding experience do you have?
Have you used any programming language? Share your experience in learning it, and how did you apply it? For example, describe how you created a game using JavaScript. Provide the link to the website that hosts your game, if available.

Why are you interested in the course?
This is where you tell us your desire to join SOC via Early Admissions! Tell us why you are interested in the course.

What do you do for hobbies, sports, volunteering, CCAs?
We are looking for all-rounder, so feel free to share about your other interests to help you get noticed.


Only selected applicants will be invited for an e-interview. The interview will last about 30 to 45mins.
Questions asked are usually related to what you have furnished in the portfolio.

What to prepare for the interview:

You should be presentable and speak clearly and audibly. Try to place yourself in a quiet room without environment noise as it would be distracting. Interviewers might ask you to tell us more about the information that you have furnished in your portfolio. The purpose interview is to find out more about your passion, aspirations and career goals.

Example of questions we might ask to gauge your personality and leadership traits:

Example of questions we might ask to gauge your passion in IT:

Example of questions we might ask to gauge your future aspirations and career goals:

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