Diploma in Information Technology (DIT - S69)

Industry Now Curriculum (INC) Pathway

Project INC is designed to be more responsive to future skills, with a focus on learning agility as the main competitive advantage.


Instead of the traditional classroom delivery, INC provides an alternate learning programme to achieve curricular competencies by working on real-world industry projects. Industry projects and work attachments will be curated for students’ involvement to meet module learning objectives, this creates flexibility to achieve combination of learning outcomes depending on project needs and gain industry portfolio-based professional experience after programme.

We first build students’ foundational skills in year one to provide a strong base. In the second year of study, we will begin to prepare the learners to embark on INC that allows students to participate in the world of work through industry collaborative projects, enabling a mindset of Learning Agility, thereby increasing their employability.

Third year students will undertake larger scale industry projects, while some may assume management responsibilities at Project INC managing current projects and mentoring juniors joining the Project INC programme.

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