Diploma in Integrated Events & Project Management (DEPM – S50)

EAE Guidelines

EAE Requirements

The Early Admissions Exercise or EAE is a yearly discretionary admissions exercise that allows SP to select and admit students based on their passion, interests and aptitude apart from academic grades. Learners of all ages are more engaged and tend to do well while pursuing a course they are passionate about.

If you are an O-level/ITE student or a working adult interested in enrolling via EAE, read on to find out more information about the assessment and selection process for this course:


Aptitude Test

A test on general knowledge of events industry and fundamentals of event management.


Video Portfolio

 The submission can include:

  • Evidence of participation in events related CCAs and/or leadership and teamwork skills in CCAs
  • Evidence of interest and ability, such as:
    • Participation in related Advanced Elective Module or other workshops/training/events
    • Participation in relevant projects, work attachments, and/or related competitions
  • Ability to indicate interest/reasons in choosing this course
  • Ability to organise the content with appropriate visuals and clarity in the flow of presentation.

       Instructions for Submission

  • 30sec video clip with voice-over embedded in MP4 format.
  • At least 10secs of self-introduction featuring half-body shot (from the waist-up)
  • Save the file with your Name (full name as in NRIC) and Secondary School (e.g. Tan Mei Li ABE Secondary)



If you are shortlisted, you will be invited to an online or face-to-face interview. The interview will look at your ability to:

  • Articulate knowledge of the field of study and/or industry
  • Articulate interest in what they may want to do in the industry in future
  • Demonstrate interest in a particular area beyond that of a lay person
  • Demonstrate what they have done/how far they have gone to pursue this interest


Relevant Work Experience*

For the Diploma in Integrated Events & Project Management , examples of work experience/job roles include but are not limited to the following:

  • Client Experience Manager / Executive
  • Conference Manager / Executive
  • Event Manager / Executive
  • Event Marketing and Sales Manager / Executive
  • Exhibition Manager / Executive
  • Operations / Project Manager / Executive
  • Sponsorship Sales Manager / Executive


More Information  on EAE Application

All You Need to Know About EAE


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