Can you tell me more about the DEPM course?

The Diploma in Integrated Events and Project Management (DEPM) course involves the strategic use of project management skills in events conceptualisation and organising; knowledge and skill sets acquired equipped students and graduates to organise a wide genre of events ranging from fun events such as Halloweens and countdown parties to serious, professional events like business & trade events and sport events.

What are the special features of the DEPM course?

Students will be trained with a combination of event management skills, soft business skills and technical skills. These include event creation, marketing and promotion, logistics, public relations, event materials, costing and budgeting, light & sound systems, procurement, events facilities construction and project management, etc. The DEPM course is unique as it offers students authentic experiences in conceptualising, planning, organising and managing of real-life school events and events with industry partners, such as Sentosa 4D Adventureland, *Scape, Changi Airport, CNB, just to name a few. Students will also immerse in a 22-weeks internship program with reputable companies such as Pico, Cityneon, Kingsmen, Experia, CEMS and Fly Entertainment.

Why should I choose the DEPM course?

The DEPM Course open doors to a wide array of options - our graduates have progressed to related courses in universities locally and overseas, or have been hired to work in event management companies, events venue providers and contractors as well as firms and organisations that use events for education, marketing and promotions

How are the assessments carried out in the DEPM course?

Students are assessed through a combination of 100% in-course assessment modules and Semester exam type modules. In-course assessment is in the form of experiential learning, tutorials, lab/practical work, projects, case studies and tests. Semester exam type modules normally have an end of semester exam component of between 40%-60% with coursework making up the balance.

Do I need to be very IT savvy in order to do well in the DEPM course?

No. You will learn the necessary IT skills in the DEPM course.

Do I need to have very good communication skills to excel in events management?

Communication skills are important in life; that’s why the DEPM course provides training in communications skills as well as related skills like negotiation which would be useful to enhance your interpersonal skills and prepare you for your job and future.

Would I be able to pursue further studies at local or overseas universities after graduating from the DEPM course?

Graduates can pursue further studies with related degree programs locally or overseas universities offering event management related courses.

What are the differences between the DEPM course and similar courses?

The DEPM course provide students a holistic training program encompassing classroom lessons and out-of-classroom learning and experiences. Students learn real-time in an authentic environment with a comprehensive curriculum covering all aspects of events management. These are further backed by site visits and overseas study trips which reinforce learning.
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