Shaping Social Spaces with Positive Impact

Here, at the Diploma in Landscape Architecture (DLA), we strive to nurture you as a future-ready designer today, grounded in 5 key aptitudes: the sustainable practitioner, the emphatic designer, the technological embracer, the data native, and the self-directed critical thinker.

At DLA, you will be empowered to shape the earth and create impactful social spaces that help address climate change.

You will first develop your design fundamentals in a year-long Common Foundation program. Working alongside design students from the Diploma in Architecture and Interior Design, you will broaden and deepen your understanding and appreciation of the intricate relationship between design and the body, spaces and the environment.

Learn design competencies, technical knowledge and digital skills for the landscape architecture profession to transform spaces into sustainable, green and engaging to communities in urban cities for users’ enjoyment and well-being. It involves the study of existing spatial and environmental conditions and processes before responding with design interventions to achieve the desired design intent.

Contribute to a profession that harness its skills to enrich lives and create immersive landscapes that connect people with nature. Yes, a landscape designer can respond to stormwater issues, attract biodiversity as ecological indicators, create lasting memorable landscapes and integrate communal spaces that mitigate urban heat island effect.

If you’re passionate about shaping social spaces and making a positive impact, join DLA and embark on an inspiring journey of creativity, sustainability, and design excellence.

What You Can Expect

  • Build a strong foundation in your first year while connecting with fellow students from the Diploma in Architecture, Diploma in Interior Design and Diploma in Landscape Architecture.
  • Develop strong research foundation with a focus on critical thinking and emphasis on enhancing your design ideas.
  • Experience hands-on design processes in landscape architecture with a focus on sustainable design, and master digitalisation skills for seamless communication and construction.
  • Deepen your plant knowledge and learn to integrate greenery using cutting-edge landscape technologies.
  • Engage in project-based curriculum that mirror professional workflows and receive valuable critiques for real-world assessments.
  • Experience the vibrant energy of our open collaborative studio spaces where you’ll collaborate and spark innovative ideas together.
  • Gain broad exposure to design trends by participating in local study trips and workshops conducted by local and international designers and alumni.
  • Take your learning beyond the classroom with our structured 22-week internship programme, where you’ll gain real-world experience and establish valuable connections with the industry.
  • Be inspired at our exciting workshops that complement the core curriculum, giving you opportunities to explore new techniques, cutting edge tools such as 3-D printers, robotic automation and Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) to expand your creativity.
  • Embark on transformative overseas study trips and discover the diverse architectural wonders of other cultures (subject to travel restrictions).
  • Be mentored and empowered by a dedicated and experienced teaching team who are passionate about nurturing you to greater heights.
  • Gain direct entry and enjoy advanced standings at established local and overseas universities.
  • A world of opportunities awaits you in the Built Environment sector. Find out about the career options and pathways available to DLA graduates here.

In Their Own Words

Victor_DLA 300by300

During my internship, I acquired skills in creating educational signages, 3D modeling, generating realistic photo renders, and contributed to the design of rain gardens and various spaces. Some of the tasks I worked on during my internship were covered in school and hence this boosted my confidence in delivering high quality work for the company. Additionally, site visits organized by HDB provided me with a deeper understanding of the theories I had learned in my lectures, making it easier for me to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and practical application in the workplace.

Chin Zhao Hui, Victor
DLA Gold Medallist
Internship at Housing & Development Board (HDB)



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